Soul SG’s SC3:AE ver. B tier list

hey guys, i’m thinking we should consolidate all our opinions to form our very own tier list based on our own gameplay styles and experiences. feel free to send your own tier lists (as specific as possible, with as much explanation as you want) and i’ll post them up on the blog so we can all comment and come up with Soul SG’s very own tier list!


One response to “Soul SG’s SC3:AE ver. B tier list

  • Nombulelo

    I am using WP 2.5.1 and all the latest other prcduots eg appache and mysql etc. These are on a linux server. I have a 19 inch moniter attached to my Vista notebook. I see the server as I am attached as a network and do all the work from here. I do check the output of my work on the server which uses a smaller screen in linux. Except for the colour tone differences of the screens each looks the same.Today I wanted to have an image CENTRED on the page (not the sidebar this may also help with the sidebar problem). All was fine the image centred on the page except that I noticed that the left sidebar items under the widgettitle were all centred. As soon as I changed the image back to LEFT they all left aligned again. I am not sure what is occuring on the right sidebar as I a couple of text widgets and they have not even moved. I think they are controlled by their own filed not your theme.I look forward to your help. Thanks so much.

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