tier list by… Jovian/Sandra

an exceedingly fast reply by Jovian… aka Sandra…. erm yeah. anyway thank you for contributing!

everyone give your comments! and send me more of those tier lists asap!


(verbatim from Jovian’s PM)

Okay, i’ll rate according to S , A, B, C tier.

S – Asta, Mitsu. Base of my exp, this 2 are the toughest shit to beat in the hands of a good player. With Asta having good RO, and dmg, and even speed in certain situations. Mitsu? No need say. 2K, B.

A – Sisters, Cervy, Setsuka, Kilik, Xiang, Yoshi, Ivy, Voldo.

B – Mina, Sieg, Amy, Taki, Zasal, Yun seong, Tira, Maxi, Rock, Lizardman

C – NM, Talim, Li Long, Hwang

F Tier- Olcadan. He’s too random. U can’t beat that.

8 responses to “tier list by… Jovian/Sandra

  • Tax

    could you explain a bit more on why kilik, xiang and ivy are A tier?

  • xuan

    or rather, perhaps why setsuka is on the A tier, (juggles, lows poor) LOL.

    i’m not too sure about kilik, but at least ivy has a kick ass throw?

    X not sure, but isn’t she all whoring since there was a soul * game?

    i personally think there is a “sistah” tier.

  • Farpenoodle

    With Kilik I’d guess because he’s one of the safest bitches on the planet. (Barring non-gc Asura Dance) Not to mention he’s got range and good damage.

    For Xiang and Ivy because of their extremely effective mixup. (Also CS/SS lolz)

    Setsuka is most definitely top. But she’s only super top in the hands of someone who can spam her high damage combos all day. Even without that you’d be shocked how well she can do just mindlessly rushing down.

    I pretty much agree with Jov’s tier list except I still think Tira is bottom tier. Haha.

  • Tax

    hmm… i would really have to say that a mixup isn’t enough to make a character A tier for me… this goes for ivy and X. anyway i’d rank ivy slightly higher than X if just for the dmg.

    kilik…. hmm i really need more matches with him. but at the moment i don’t see the threat yet.

    i think ppl lose to a rushdown sets when they don’t realise all they have to do is just:

    – guard and wait for sets to come in
    – step to sets’ right

    when you consider that she’s quite limited unless sets is able to get max dmg out of her combos.

  • Farpenoodle

    Sets still has one of the more damaging command throws in the game (provided she has stupid gh3y inputs like for everything else she needs.)

    But yeah, I tell most people losing to sets to just block more. But it’s really quite surprising how easy it is to forget that sometimes.

  • Jovian

    Kilik, just looking at the Japs play him makes u feel good. Good spacing character with great whiff punishers. Xiang, do i need to explain? Ivy, we do not have any outstanding Ivy players here in SG yet, but i still think she’s good. And setsuka, well, take a look a Chang’s Friend from Hong Kong and u know why she’s A tier.

  • Tax

    hey you got some links to vids starring the HK players? greatly appreciated!

  • Vinci

    Ivy is good but no way she is top tier. B at most. Ivy can be destroyed using characters like Asta, Taki, Sisters, Setsuka by hammering her from midrange outside her 2A range. If u can see her lows, you will not have any problems against her as her mids really lack punch. Don’t tell me u are gonna play an ultrasafe Ivy and play a long range game and win..there are effective counters for that once u know the frame data , range and linearity of her moves.

    Sword Stance can only get u so far and the frame data for her key whip moves sucks(too slow mostly, linearity and bad frames BOTH on hit and block for some moves as i mentioned.)

    Everyone say command throw is the thing that makes her top..well i say to you there are four things that work against her

    1) Throw is based on stance eg. only SS from Sword and CS from Whip stance. In Serpent Embrace, you can do both but it can only be used against opponent who freezes. An opponent worth his salt will interrupt you with a FAST MID/SM as her SE K goes under highs.

    2) We all know expert Ivy player should buffer command throws continously into every move..my question is how effective is this. Constantly buffering puts an unneccesary strain on your hands and mind as you look to landing that throw(which is 100% breakable incidentally). You will look to having an advantage/neutral or stepping to the side before throwing out this move and a proactive opponent will not allow u the luxury of throwing out the move at will.

    3) Her moves on hit don’t give her enough hit advantage. The basic setups to her throws i believe is well known to everyone..u can always jump, backstep or interrupt for an easy counter to anyone trying to land the command throw.
    U can crouch but just look out for the FC 1B combo which is her only launcher at close range btw..

    4) Throw animation is distinct and can be broken or crouched by human reaction. I agree some anticipation is needed as the break window is pretty small but my pt is an attentive player should be able to react in time.

    But then..what makes Ivy good? Though her mids lack punch..they have speed and safety. Her mobility is SUPERB and this is what makes her linear moves not so linear. She still have ranged moves that keep out the opponent and decent tools to cover 8WR and Step at certain ranges. Her Lows are damaging enough to want to make people crouch and she has JUMP B/FC 1B to evade and EFFECTIVELY preempt/punish lows and highs respectively.

    In a nutshell, Ivy is all pokes and mobility with occasional-power- moves-to-turn-the-tide type of character. BBBBB.

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