tier list by… Tax!

ok this is my tier list. i’ve judged the characters based on whether they fulfill certain criteria, and how viable their tools are in a tourney scenario.

specifically the criteria are:

– good punisher (fast, damaging)?
– easy setups for mixups?
– good mixup tools (good lows/throws and safe, damaging mids)?
– high RO potential (front, back, etc.)?
– good evasion tools (moves that TC, TJ, step)?
– good horizontal mids (safe, tracks well)?
– good range (or at least, enough tools such that range is not an issue)?

S: asta

he has everything. seriously. maybe except a better TJ move.

A: mitsu, cervy, soph, cass, setsuka

mitsu has 2KB (stupid low), fast and damaging AAs and BBs (they act as mitsu’s main punishers as well), 3B (good launcher), and other assorted rubbish like 22B, crouch dash, etc.

cervy has 1K (stupid low), 3B (good launcher), A+B (stupid damaging hori mid, luckily it’s punishable) and 3A+B (3A from sc2… dammit). cervy also has that crazy 236236B+G throw that does 75 dmg. cervy has aB and iGDR for punishing too.

soph has 236B (stupid punisher), 236AA (crazy TC hori mid…. luckily it’s unsafe), 66A (crazy long range mid), 11A (crazy long range low that’s SAFE), 3A (super TC hori mid… luckily it’s punishable now), 44B (backwards-moving TC launcher), and 1K and 4B for wakeup. oh and good AAs and BBs too.

cass has 236B and 236AB, same as soph, but perhaps less range. she relies on things like 66A (TC hori mid with okay range), WL mixup (both WL A and WL B RO and wall splat), 66B (FC launcher that does crazy dmg), 3B (almost safe launcher) and good AAs and BBs. while her RO game is better than soph, her lows aren’t as good, but 11B and 1K are decent.setsuka has the range and damage of nm with the speed of xiang. that’s just crazy imo. recently i’ve also realised her max dmg stuff actually isn’t that hard to do. and 33B is just mad spammable. the only problem arises when ppl start stepping to her right, which evades most of her core moves. this leaves her with 66A (moderately effective) and FC 3aB (high risk, moderate reward). i’m not sure what to say about her lows though… they’re not very good but it’s not like ppl are going to block low. thankfully she still has throws to rely on.A-: voldo, yoshi

they’re good… if you can do their crazy input shit consistently. voldo needs that MC A+B:G to push him up to top tier, and yoshi just has a lot of freakish input shit that in theory is SUPERB. of course i realise that those taiwanese ppl can do the yoshi stuff… but i really need to experience it for myself to make a solid decision.

B: lizardman, yunsung, xiang, amy, mina, siegfried, taki, zasalamel, ivy, kilik, nm, rock, talim

B-: raph, hwang, li long, tira

the B grade characters are missing a few of my criteria here and there, but still have certain strong tools. i actually think that they have a decent chance to beat the top tiers, but they need to work a lot harder.

as for B- characters, i just don’t think they’re that good, but on the other hand, these are the characters i’ve had the least experience with.


7 responses to “tier list by… Tax!

  • Vinci

    A+B is the “stupid damaging hori mid, luckily it’s punishable” and A+B is “3A from sc2”

  • Samuel

    j00 fail. You forgetto to mention Amy in the tier list.
    But then again its quite obvious she’s B-.. T.T

  • Tax

    oops! k thx for spotting the errors, amended!

  • Rii™

    Testing 1,2,3.

  • Soul SG

    i’ve amended my ranking for setsuka, do take a look everybody!


  • Succor

    Voldo is not deadly just cause of MCA+B. MC A+B is no doubt an instrument that ushers in immense potential for pain and mixups. However, a player who revolves his game around that move is not playing him to his fullest potential. It is inappropriate to credit MC A+B that much.

    Most certainly, his blind stance is a tool he can use to effectively decimate opponents. It is lower on damage, however individual attacks attain an increase in speed. His BS A is i10. his BS B is i14. his BS 2A and BS 1A are both i12. His BS attacks on guard are very good on block and he has many other moves that complement this attribute. He has a guard stun in blind stance. Moreover, his WL game at blind is formidable. Blind WL A provides a free BS AA. It is also safe on block. His blind 3K is a excellent launcher; it leads to good damage, is safe and tech crouches. The one other adjustment in AE that adds to his terror is the inclusion of ‘Bloody Drill’ in blind. With this, His blind mixup is very rich. Excellent lows, terrific high speed pokes, good mids, a vast amount of options that can end you up in Mantis crawl or landfish and a throw that is harder to break, easy to input and brings the opponent into a world of pain.

    His front stance is not to be overlooked. There are many other reasons why but i have to do my homework now. Meep. Hope you get the rough shape of why i think he is a force to be reckoned. His learning curve is steep though.

    Raymus here. I play a decent voldo. haha

  • Soul SG

    hmm yes i think you are right, in the sense that voldo has surprisingly fast and safe moves. blind 3K is such a pain! i find his basic moves and mixup potential to be extremely high.

    but i do have a problem with him not having a good punisher, and i do find his damage potential to be below those in the S and A tier.

    there’s a vid made by jp players on how to deal with MC A+B:G, i think everyone should see it. apparently every character has a certain direction that they should step to avoid constant rolling. after thinking about it, i find that perhaps MC A+B:G overhyped. the main problem is that everyone doesn’t have enough practice against it.


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