VS league – feb tourney

i just realised that sc3 is the ONLY game that has seen full brackets for the past 2 months’ tourneys. i think this really says something positive about our community. if possible, let’s maintain full brackets for future tourneys!

on another note, i find that a lot of people are joining the tourneys for a variety of reasons, be it to show support, test their skills in a tourney situation, or display individual styles of gameplay. i think regardless of your reasons for joining, the important thing is that you enjoy the experience.

to the people who join purely to make numbers and show support for the VS league, i’d like to say a big thank you. hopefully as more tourneys go by, you’ll find your own reasons to play in tourneys. i also hope that in future there’ll be a big enough response such that we won’t have to ask people to join the tourneys only to make numbers.

i think the past few tourneys have shown that anything can happen. a player’s victory depends on more than just skill level, but also control of their nerves, muscle memory, quick thinking, and especially, luck. there’ve been quite a few upsets recently, so i hope this encourages everyone to aim for the top 3 placings, be it the newcomers or the veterans.

anyway the next VS league tourney will be in april, so that means more time for preparation and training for everyone. so get your game on!


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