first batch of photos!

here’s the first batch of photos of the community!


We apologise for not being able to adequately capture Tax’s queer toast eating habits for your general appreciation.






if you squint your eyes hard enough, you get a cool 3d effect of sharon waving.




cool dude rein after attending a wedding lunch.

hold on, where is sad?! it seems that the scheming bloke removed the photos with himself in it!

the photos are not in fact chronologically arranged. while this is entirely due to my laziness, there’s no real reason to save your time at the expense of mine over such a trivial matter. ha. (i’ll do it some other time)

if you want to see the photos in a nice flickr album, you can get it here.

(if the pictures post today were too large, do make a comment and i’ll put thumbnails on the page instead in future)

3 responses to “first batch of photos!

  • Soul SG

    thanks amarax!!!

    i keep forgetting to bring the camera for our clubbing outings… that’d be some REAL JUICY photos!


  • Shikster

    Whoo…Reiny lookin good =D And I’m glad I didn’t go with you guys to the airport. With the trolley shinenegans you guys got into, it’s a wonder security didn’t jump you O_o

    Haha. No clubbing blog yet?

  • Soul SG

    haha clubbing blog will be a PRIVATE one!!! don’t want to wash our dirty vomit-stained laundry in public…


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