random musings on taki

why does NO ONE in japan use taki in tourneys?

they’re missing out on a lot, i tell you. specifically, the joys of:

– WL A
– 1K
– FC A+K
– 66B:A
– BA
– FC 1A+B
– 4A+B / 6A+B
– 6A
– 6B
– PO
– 4B

and yes, it’s in order of importance. 2As and throws are a given and thus not included.


(edit: i added FC 1A+B, 4A+B / 6A+B, and PO after dtarchon’s comment. although PO to me really just comprises of PORC, PO B, PO A and maybe PO 2_8A. in that order of importance.)

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