arcadia sc3:ae tier list (by oosaka)

hey guys, here’s the arcadia tier list for sc3:ae… many thanks to talim jp for posting it on the jp thread in the forums. it’s pretty controversial imo… especially the lower ranks. talim jp says he’ll ask oosaka for comments on the tier list, so keep watching this blog!


From top:S= Mitsu, Setsuka
A= Asta, Sophie, Cas
B= Voldo, Maxi, Sig
C= Cervy, Zas, Kilik, Taki, Ivy, X
D= Liz, Yoshi
E= Yun, Ralf
F= Rock, Mina
G= Li, Amy, Nighty, Tira
H= Huang, Talim

One response to “arcadia sc3:ae tier list (by oosaka)

  • Soul SG

    btw here are the characters that i don’t agree with:

    maxi (hmm i really need to be convinced why he’s so high up)

    cervy (to be honest i don’t think he’s that great, but i don’t think he’s on the same level as the rest in the C tier)

    setsuka (hmm same as liz? another character that i don’t think is that great, but not below those in the C tier)


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