sc2 > sc3:ae?

what do you guys think? i think a lot of our current sg players reminisce a lot about sc2. but is sc3:ae really that bad?

now, if you held me at gunpoint and made me choose between sc2 and sc3:ae, i think i’d choose sc2, reason being:

1) the gameplay is faster
2) T3 would kick your collective asses with EXC

i really have a gripe about sc3:ae’s gameplay speed. it’s SO SLOW. and everyone is really just turtling and waiting for opportunities (me included). i attribute this to the increased importance of punishers and the reduced speed and safety of moves in general.

but something i do appreciate about sc3:ae is its focus on technical input. now that i look back, a lot of my gameplay was technically shoddy. i think in sc2 it was all about churning mixups as much as possible, so there was really no emphasis on punishing. the most important technical stuff was really just G2 and BT JFs, which were optional for some characters. now if you don’t watch out, you’re going to eat a 236B for 1/4 life dmg. and characters like yoshi, setsuka and voldo become really scary if you can do all their weird shit.

i’d like to think that sc3:ae has forced us to improve our technical input while maintaining our mixup standards, thus giving us the best of both worlds. so while it’s not my favourite game, i think it’s a step we have to take. so stop griping and keep playing! come sc4, it’ll be time for sg domination.


One response to “sc2 > sc3:ae?

  • Rii™

    ‘T3 would kick your collective asses with EXC’

    Utter rubbish.

    +Balance (SC3 has more matchup issues)
    +More room for creativity
    -G2 (I still think glitches are a no no)

    +Walls hurt more now
    -More limited gameplay (probably due to the movesets and the system)
    -Messed up animation/data (-frames GCs?!)

    I can’t really sum all my thoughts up on both games.
    I miss SC2’s more ‘free’ gameplay where much more styles can be seen.
    But I do think that SC3 has a potentially better system. Just that various tweaks need to be adjusted.
    1. Guard Crushes (No Fake Crushes Pls)
    2. ‘Passing Thru’ mid level walls and RO.
    3. Ukemi system (something’s still amiss)

    1. Balance (There seem to be more matchup issues in SC3 compared to SC2)
    2. Movelist overhaul (I strongly feel that movelists should be improved on, not a total overhaul with LESS moves)
    3. Juggle Damage (Everyone’s dmg is almost around 60-80 range. Speed characters shouldn’t be inflicting similar dmg to powerhouse characters!)
    4. Block Stun (similar as above, heavy hits should induce more block stun on block and worse recovery on whiff)

    Needs a card system, really.

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