player critiques by… Jovian

(ad verbatim from jovian’s post on forums sg thread)

In no particular order:
1) Rii
2) Raymus
3) Tax and Mich ( I can’t decide, so i jus put them together like Rii did)
4) DTA
5) Jovian1) Rii A.k.a. R.O. Terror. – Nightmare, Raphael

I think he has the experience to handle things. He likes to do things his way. And his sense of satisfaction when he lands NM 2A+B can’t be found anywhere in SG. (Eat that bitch!) I love the way he plays Raphael, totally awesome. On the overall, i still think his Raph is better than his NM, maybe due to the fact that i know NM too well.

After playing a few rounds, u can see a pattern at certain times of the matches, For eg. when u have one drop of life left. Yea lack of patience at times shows the random usage of GS A. I have always have the strange feeling that it’s coming. So, i guess u just have to be more patient but looking at yr personality( EAT THAT BITCH!), it’s kinda hard to train on this point. Lol.

2) Raymus – Astaroth, Voldo

As my sparring partner, well i do expect alot from him. Even though he doesn’t play for a long period of time, he still has the shit to kill people. His RO is something to look out. His “sick” mentality is his double edge weapon. He wants to finish off his opponent in the worst ways ever, explaining the 180+ dmg wall combos he does. On overall, an all rounder in skills. Just that he can’t punish well enough at times which cost him a round or 2. He adapts pretty well too. His knowledge of the game is pretty decent, his input is okay. Patience wise, i’m not sure. Good reflexes too. VERY HIGH tolerance level.

As i said, his “sick” mentality is his double edge weapon. Knowing he likes to do wall combos, u kinda know what he’s gonna do when he’s near the wall, what kind of moves he’s gonna throw out. Even at the ring edge, i have a list of moves which he will do to RO u. Cuz all he thinks about is that. Develops a pattern but over a long period of time, maybe 1 week or a month. Lol. I guess i’m the only one who realise that cuz i play him for a few years already. Right on! =/

3) Tax – Taki and Cassy

U’re too random at times, which makes u unpredictable. But yr randomness kills u at times too. U have the mentality “Avoiding is better than blocking”. It’s definitely a good thing to avoid people. Decent reflex, input wise, hehe.. i see u mashing!! U’re not that patient.

U develop a pattern. U keep doing the same things. Time to start changing yr mentality. It’s like i can predict when u’re goin to jump. Like after when i’m using Setsuka and u’re using Taki, after yr FC1K, u will jump knowing i will do 2A. For 2 rounds, i was testing. And u did the same thing. U like to jump too much on wake up too. Not saying it’s wrong, but sometimes, blocking is good too.

Mich- Taki

Definitely her mind games and Yomis. Since she’s a super babe, U know it’s kinda hard to think like her. Lol. I would say, an unorthrodox style not yet at her fullest potential. If u have the time, u definitely be better than what u are now. A combination of TAX and SAD = Mich. =/

Relies too much on some tools to deal damage. Like 1A or even 66B. And yr tolerance level is not that high. I can see that u’re getting frustrated after losing a few rounds.

DTA- Olcadan

I’ve played with u for quite sometime already. U’re more of a defensive player, and u have some interesting concepts of different characters. Have good knowledge of most of the cast. Have high patience and tolerance level.

U ought to concentrate on a few characters than try and use all of them. I know u want to know all of them. That u can just do yr homework at home. That’s good enough already. U do not need to know the inputs of each move to know how to counter them. U just need to know the safety, how the move works and look like to counter it. U’ll definitely be a better player than now if u stick to a few characters. And very prone to frustration when he eats combos that deals alot of damage.

Jovian- Sophitia, Yun Seong, Cervy, Setsuka

I will say my punishing skills, adapting to the situation and my reflex. I can easily see patterns after awhile. So try and change yr style after a few rounds to make me thinK! My knowledge of the game, i read the forum alot.

I tend to get greedy at times causing me my rounds. Like when i see the wall, i tend to go for wall combos. Yea. And i have low mind power. So i get tired after playing for like 2~ 3hours straight. I really do not know my weakness that well that, so i was hoping someone could point it out so i can improve my game. Thanks. =/

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