player critiques by… Raymus

(ad verbatim from raymus’ post in the forums sg thread)Hello.

In my opinion, the top 5 (excluding me for further assessment of others) = (Not in order)

Strengths : Good adaptibility. Always keeps trying to find ways to survive against others with his somewhat difficult character. Hence he occasionally comes up with strange methods to deal with opponents. Fair bit of experience. Confounds me at times; especially with his strange GSGSGSGSGSGSGSGS stuff. Creative mixups that work in practicality. Rii really knows WHAT works when he plays against different opponents. This makes him a force to reckon. I dont know how he does it.

Weaknesses : Low tolerance level ( from what i know so far ). Other than that, his lack of knowledge in some aspects of play (frames, Safety) may reveal cracks that we can exploit! Sisters and voldo. The characters he plays are also extremely unsafe.

My take: You need more than theory to beat him. You need to be used to the way things occur in each round, you need experience. Then you can get the nerves to live through his practical style of gameplay (which is nerve wrecking), and exploit the underlying technical flaws(Safety etc). A bit abstract lol. However wants you conquer this, his nightmare becomes as threatening as a Reinhart (you have a sweet smile). Then he will come up with something new to make you think he is damn ugly.


My take comes first: He thinks he is female. He wants to be one. Obviously. Ive played this guy since … blah. HE …. You need to be brave, play many yomi layers and still remain safe from unnecessary punishment at the same time. This guy plays heavily on perception. He sees what he does what. Comboed with his experience, he is as to be as feared as a girl. Don’t whiff mindlessly and dont be too afraid to attack (Easier said than done). Fully understand the characters he plays. He exploits almost everything good of each character he learns; hence it is good to know what each character is capable of.

Strengths: Alot of time to test stuff. Spots patterns like an einstein and adapts like a chameleon. Complains alot about broken shit like a granny but always effectively deals with it. Good reflexes. Profecient at punishing. Will do anything to win. Very consistent player. Annoying as hell because he steps like a ballet dancer. Dont bother ringing him out. Seen many tricks. oh yeah he breaks throws like pocky

Weaknesses: This guy. is overly cautious and not very cautious either. Very strange one. can exploit. This guy may retaliate even when under a disadvantage. This is to avoid mixups which involve him having to wait. Yet he may not retaliate at all times.
Exploit this cautiousness (AT TIMES). I give it that its not easy to exploit though. Make him think you want to do something but do otherwise. yeah. DONT MINDLESSLY WAVE YOUR ATTACKS AT HIM AND HOPe that they will hit. You must have a purpose and backup plan, if not go fly kite


Strengths: Extensive exposure to all characters. His more profecient characters would annoy you like a fly. Is very defensive and complains about others being defensive. His experience and passion will BURN you like a really hot flint.
Tedious to play against. Has a very evil laugh.

Weaknesses: Takes a while to adapt. Betweek one day to 1 week. Then he finds an amazing way to deal with your gameplay. you become astounded. Then you may take just as long to figure him out. His overly defensiveness can be exploited. Sometimes he stands and just guards at the beginning of the round; its like signing a “Hey mix me up” contract. in serious matches he makes time pass by slowly, very slowly.


Strengths: Loves to jump. Loves to play strong WL GAMES (his cahracters :O). VERY OFFENSIVE. quite experienced. Annoying.


Weaknesses: Fairly predictable fashion of offense. 8WRs alot. why is 8WR too much bad? 8WR= Counter hit for asta = up to half life. yay. Jumps alot too!


STRENGTHS: REFLEX AND ADAPTIBILITY. Its like a toned down jovian in some areas and a buffed up jovian in other areas. their similarly different. Has a decent knowledge of frames and tech traps. Interesting kilik play. consistent with JFs : asura GB…..

Weaknesses: Inexperience with many characters. IF he hasnt played a certain character much, he’ll face difficulty.

IMO this guy has many many potential.

I hope my input is a bit….. useful

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