player critiques by… Reinhart

(ad verbatim from rein’s post on forums sg thread)

JOVIAN- Sophitia (I HATE!), Slutsuka, Yun Sung, Cervantes
I think this guy has it all. He’s got the reflexes, the knowledge, the input power, the patience, the adaptability. Totally tournament material.Weaknesses:
Seriously, I’m still dumbfounded. All I can exploit against him would be his character weaknesses. But then again, his characters are all frigging good as well.

RAYMUS – ASStaroth, Voldo (Bodoh )
As a Jov’s partner (eh hehe), definitely ain’t that far off from Jovian. He’s got the reflexes definitely, the knowledge of the game as well and of course the patience.

Adaptability he definitely has but not fast enough, so if you are dynamic enough, you can exploit this weakness of his in a tournament situation where time to ‘feel’ your opponent isn’t much.

RII – R.O.Terror & Raphael
Spacing, Positioning, Arena Awareness. These strengths of mine compliments my characters as they both excel in mid to long range attacks.

Impatience is my main issue. Must be the desire for more souls!

4 & 5 (I can’t decide between these 3 really)
MICH – Taki
Overall, she’s just solid in every department. Intelligent gameplay and excellent yomi (esp when in Pale Mistress Super Mich mode), in which she suddenly seems to have Tax’s offense, Sad’s unthordox style and her super safety.

Tends to PZ (give chance) at times and gets more and more careless when frustrated. Somewhat like my issue with impatience.

TAX – cASSandra, Taki
Knows his offense very well, when to use TJ, TC, Auto-Gis and such. Maybe he’s just whoring them. I don’t know but it’s definitely working.

Predictable, if you can spot his pattern. My impression is that he comes to the arcade with a certain concept. If you can figure out his concept, you can beat him. Until he realises it and develops another one.

DTA – Ru Hua
Defense. Right straight up pure defense. He’s patient to a certain extent and has a high rate of blocking. Defintely tough to crack. And his gameplay frustrates me and I do think anyone else, which is an advantage to him.

Freezing. Sometimes he gets too caught up in being defensive and freezes. Especially when on the receiving end of blockstuns, weird maneuveurs and such.

In general:
The above mentioned players definitely know their mains, the system and most importantly, experience.

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