player critiques by… Tax

k rein asked me to do a critique of the top 5 players in sg.

now, the following is purely my personal opinion.

to me, there’re really only 2 players who are “top”, so here are my critiques:

jovian: erm nothing much to critique actually… but perhaps it would be good to start sticking to a character and just working on him/her. after all, SBO doesn’t allow for character change. maybe when he’s run through the roster, he should find someone to stick to.

strengths: technically strong, is aware of frames and punishment, good movement, good yomi, good adaptability, patient

weaknesses: too much character changing

rein: i think he’s very good with nm, but imo, there are only so many things you can do with nm. bring all that ring awareness/positioning to a character like asta, and that’d be devastating. i also noticed that sometimes he risks too much to set up stuff.

strengths: good ring awareness/positioning, good yomi, good adaptability, interesting setups

weaknesses: nightmare has too many character weaknesses, ppl are getting used to his setups, takes too much damage sometimes to set up an RO/mixup, needs to punish more.

and that’s it! my 2 would-be SBO participants. let’s hope one of us in soul sg strikes toto, eh?


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