player critiques by… Aheda

(ad verbatim from aheda’s post on forums sg thread)

My Top 5..
TaXiWhether or not that’s in order is for you guys to decide. Heh.
No offense to anyone.. This is just the comments of someone who’s been here for a long time but never improved ^.^


Pros : Don’t play against him enough to give lots of comments. I do agree that he has a strong sense of terrain awareness. Possibly one of the best amongst our current players, which is very important considering NM’s forward RO game.. He’s also one of the more passionate players we have. Experienced doesn’t even begin to describe him. Having spent a LOT of time playing the game to improve his play.

Cons : Not the calmest player around, his gameplay is easily affected by his emotions. Also character choice, i believe everyone realizes this. Nightmare can only get so far in this episode of the series.

Pros : Most experienced player we have right now and deserves to be called one of the best. Solid, simple yet effective gameplay that works. Also one of the calmest players we have. She’s doesn’t crack under tournament conditions even though she looks and claims to feel that way.

Cons : Doesn’t read forums much, not so technically sound and doesn’t worry too much about inputs etc… Her gameplay is quite “old school” so she doesn’t utilize more of her newer tools as much as she should. Also spends a lot of time throwing rounds/matches for the sake of encouraging new players. Which i think has dampered her standard of play. Cares more about the growth of the community than about the game. (Which is a pro in any aspect except the one we’re currently discussing)

Pros : Works very hard at the game, has perfected inputs for most of the characters he plays. He leaves no follow-up undone and no move unpunished. This enthusiastic chap is easily our best player at the moment. Picked his character and understands them inside out whilst also playing and understanding the other characters in the game. His Cervantes or Yun-Seong are definitely opponents you must test yourself against.

Cons : Cannot decide how he wishes to approach the game (insert Flashy vs “Cheesy” argument here) and goes back and forth from them. Hampering his progress with his characters. Also lacks the Yomi that he would need to consistently outplay everyone else. This is probably because he is the most Junior amongst all the names mentioned in this post.

Pros : Picks things up really quickly. Give him some advice and he’ll implement it before your eyes in a flash. Very strong character choices that suit his playing style perfectly. Also very enthusiastic and reads the forums a lot. Its no wonder that him and his girlfriend/sparring partner Sandra rose up so quickly in our community.

Cons : Tends to goof off while he’s winning. Also very predictable once you know what kind of moves/combos he likes. As mentioned before, his wall combo fetish can really giveaway how he’s planning to get rid of your final lifebar. Also has a lack of ability to adapt to an opponent on the spot. He’ll take quite awhile (maybe 2-3 games) to even AVOID any new setups that you throw at him. And his schedule has been quite killer as of late. Busier than some of the working people around here.

TaXi (This was quite a hard decision)
Pros : Extremely Offensive, utilizes jumps and Auto-GI very well. To me his gameplay basically consists of simple yet strong setups and mixups released in bombardments.. Its hard to imagine him BLOCKING at all.

Cons : Like mentioned before, he doesn’t block at all. Spends a lot of time trying to Auto-GI or step attacks. If he leaves an opening, it usually stays open for awhile. Falls for techtraps easily. His lifebar goes down in really long chunks. Which is quite suicidal in an international tournament scenario.

Those are my Top 5.. those i was thinking about include Archon and Crono.. I should play against TKB more.

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