WTF moments from april’s vs league tourney!

kk posting hilarious moments from this april’s vs league tourney, courtesy of shiks’ post on the forums sg thread:

– Benson aka colourwolf offered to shake hands with Reiny after his match. Reiny’s like all magnimously shaking hands with Benson and like five seconds later – “OH! It’s YOU!”. Apparently he thought he was some random fan and didn’t recognise Benson at first -_-**

– Some random girl was saying “Where’s Sandra?” at the back and was craning her neck to identify this super girl who’s looking all set to win the tourney. Guess she was disappointed…majorly.

– Tax, Reiny and random Tekken guys. Crotch slapping. Don’t ask me for more details.

– Random spectators looking at the bracket board were all “Eh? How come got Bitch and Slut one?”. Others were trying to decipher how the bracket board works heh.

(additional quote from shiks)

Oh yeah! One more anecdote from my side – how Bitch came into existence, last minute in the tourney.Spyder (looking through the registration): Hey! How come got bitch one?

Shiks: *just shrugs*

Spyder: Ok ok! Sign me up also. I shall be Bitch! And…dun tell ppl who Bitch really is ok?

And through a marvelous twist of fate, it so came to pass that Slut drew number 3 and Bitch drew number 4 for their brackets…and they ended up erm…”playing” each other. -_- The Bitch came out on top although the Slut got some revenge but seriously twisting the mojo of the Whirow, resulting in the soon to be famous Maxi self RO.

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