japan pics!!!!!!!!

here are the long-awaited japan pics… enjoy!

comments on the pics (some comments are specific, see if you can tell which pic it belongs to):

– all car pics courtesy of ck
– mega mac is ridiculously big, but not as big as MUTANT OMU RICE, which is seriously from another planet. EVERYONE had to chip in to finish the largest size omu rice.
– the ZOFF husky pic is for sad WOOF
– the divination lot i got at the temple said “LAST AND SMALLEST FORTUNE”… kthxbye
– if you see the pic of a vending machine, it’s special ‘cos it’s selling special coffee with pictures of the evangelion cast… it’s publicity for “rebuild of evangelion”.
– THERE IS A SILENT HILL SHOOTING GAME… which is more similar to house of the dead than we expected.
– sadaharu is trying to bite my head OUCH
– rein bears sole responsibility for all freakola pics with himself and me/thomas/mich/ck/linus/anybody unfortunate inside.
– old japanese ah bengs have bigger hairdos and thus, bigger balls.
– my hair looks silky soft because there was free conditioner in the hotel.
– hey jouli it’s your favourite ivy player!
– that damn fatty tuna sushi (THAT I ORDERED AND ATE BY MYSELF) was really 99% fat and 1% meat… YUMZ
– hey sad me and mich found you in aki and we took a pic with you! we caught you by your ears so you wouldn’t get away like that naughty mew.
– they had BIG BANG BEAT freeplay at this shop… very cool. i think it was a publicity thing.
– the black/brown double-layered dessert was actually coffee jelly… delicious.
– one of us is crazy about maaya sakamoto… guess who?
– “I AM A SINGER” + mrs. frankenstein wig = CRAZY
– we went to a maid cafe. it scarred us for life. we will bear the burden of the mind-blowing details FOREVER (don’t bother asking us though… what happens in a maid cafe STAYS in a maid cafe).

these are all batou’s pics, i’ve got a few of my own that’s coming soon! don’t change the channel!


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