Soul SG SC 3 AE 2v2 Tourney 4 Neoshinji

(ad verbatim from rein’s post on the tourney results board at Soul SG! I know this is a very last minute tournament and I thank you for all who participated!

Airconman from the GGXX community who lent us his camcorder to record the event deserves a special mention.

I hope Neoshinji had a blast here in SG though I think we left him starving for quite a few times… Sorry!

Ok details of the tournament.

Date: 25th August 2007
Format: Double Elimination
Character Select: 1 per Player
Stage Select: Random
Battle Format: 2v2.

Team SSBB (SluttySlut & BitchyBitch) VS Team HHGG (HornyHottie + GayGay)

Since we have 2 machines which from what I understand have been fixed. We are gonna call them Machine A (MA) & Machine B (MB).

So Team SSBB informs marshall that SS will play on MA and BB will play on MB. (The other team will not know this info)
Like wise, Team HHGG inform marshall that GG will play on MA and HH will play on MB.

So we have:
Machine A: (SSBB) SluttySlut VS (HHGG) GayGay
Machine B: (SSBB) BitchyBitch VS (HHGG) HornyHottie

Let’s say the results are as follows.
Machine A: (SSBB) SluttySlut Wins
Machine B: (SSBB) BitchyBitch Wins
-Team SSBB advances to winner’s bracket and Team HHGG advances to loser’s bracket

Now, if the results in a tie, a tie breaker amongst the winner will occur.
Machine A: (SSBB) SluttySlut Wins
Machine B: (HHGG) HornyHottie Wins
A tiebreaker will occur on whichever machine is available first. Say in this case it’s Machine A.
Machine A: (SSBB) SluttySlut VS (HHGG) HornyHottie.

On to the teams that participated!

-Moldy Cheese-
01. Farplenoodle – Seung Mina
02. Aheda – Xiang Hua

03. Neoshinji – Taki
04. DTArchon – Sophitia

05. Jovian – Setsuka
06. Raymus – Astaroth

-Brothers Of Gay-
07. Whirow – Maxi
08. Ethan – Mitsurugi

09. Crono – Mitsurugi
10. JayZ – Voldo

-Hidden Bosses-
11. HP Lim – Maxi
12. Rii – Nightmare

13. SluttySlut aka Jouli – Ivy
14. BitchyBitch aka Sadistic Desire – Taki

15. Mich The Evil Queen – Taki
16. Taxi – Taki

Champion – Team Rockets!
2nd Placing – T2!
3rd Placing – Hidden Bosses!

The Brackets for your viewing pleasure!

We got some tourney + exhibition vids down but it’s rather flickery. Will try to post em up!

Any comments, suggestions, bitching, slapping, post up here!

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