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our 2nd monthly console session!

hi all! it’s the beginning of another month, so we’ll be holding another console session at batou’s place!

date: saturday 4/10/08
time: 6pm
address: (for privacy reasons, please sms me at nine7916927 for ck’s address if you don’t have it already)

this next session will be a great opportunity for us to discuss details for the upcoming tourney event, so it’d be good if everyone attends, so no voice is left out. Continue reading

More Casuals

More casuals from Team Shen. Hit the jump for the videos.

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Tourney Planning

Okay guys, we’re in the process of planning a tourney. If you’ve got any ideas maybe you want to post them up in this thread.

You can read more by following the link or  expanding this post. Continue reading

Hiro (Maxi) VS Ethan (Mitsu) – Casual Match

Last batch of casuals.

Shen Yuan(Hilde) vs KnightSpirit(Mitsu):

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New Soul SG Blog

This place is new. We shall post in it.

I’ve imported all the old posts from the old blog, however comments don’t seem to be working with those. But if you really want to read them I guess you can just go there.

If you’re a member of the community and want posting priveledges, just contact me or TaX. Remember to keep it at least vaguely SC related though.


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