Tourney Planning

Okay guys, we’re in the process of planning a tourney. If you’ve got any ideas maybe you want to post them up in this thread.

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hey guys, i’m thinking of holding an informal tourney in lieu of the next monthly session. at present we haven’t discussed tourney rules yet, so i’d like to take this opportunity to get everyone’s views on what tourney rules we should have.

here’s a rudimentary set of rules that i feel will be useful for us. i’d like for us to create a standing set of rules based on discussion, so your input can and will affect these rules!

keep in mind that these are tourney rules for soul sg, so don’t feel obliged to follow other countries’ tourney rules. if you’re concerned about differences in tourney rules between countries (eg. single elim vs double elim), do consider that we need to maintain our individuality as a community. i see singapore as a growing powerhouse in soul calibur, and i don’t think it’d be a stretch for foreigners to come TO singapore to play us.

i’d also like everyone to be understanding if i maintain certain rules because of logistical issues (case in point: vader and yoda).

character selection rules

– no custom characters, including scheherazade, shura, ashlotte and angol fear (because of hitbox differences, size differences, etc)
– no vader/yoda (because they’re console-exclusive)

note on vader and yoda: i can’t see us including vader and yoda at the moment, because how would a yoda-only player fight a vader-only player? even if yoda and vader aren’t used, we still need to take such scenarios into consideration. but if vader and yoda become available on both consoles, then we’d have to revisit this issue.

– everyone else allowed, including algol and apprentice
– customisation of the main cast is allowed

setting rules

– whatever the default time is
– whatever the default soul gauge is
– whatever the default lifebar is
– single player

note on single player: i welcome the idea of pairs/teams, but at present i’m not sure we have enough people at the moment.

– double elimination
– best of 5

a note on double elimination and the best of 5 settings: in soul sg we’ve traditionally stuck to these settings, and i strongly believe that they’re a distinctive feature of soul sg that have shaped our gameplay.

here’s some ambiguous issues i need everyone’s input on

-would everyone be okay with using the 1.03 patch if it comes out in time for the tourney? would it give everyone enough time to react if it came out, say, a day before?

– should stage select be random, or would people prefer it SBO-style? SBO-style is where before the match there are two choices to be made: which side to play (1P or 2P), and which stage to choose. both players do a scissors-paper-stone, and the winner gets to decide one of the choices. the loser decides the remaining choice.

note on this: traditionally we’ve done random stage select, but i’m putting this into consideration because soul calibur is a game where the stage size and wall presence matters, and i think this is more true than ever in sc4. let me know what you guys think!

– can anyone think of a public venue in which we could hold the tourney? holding the tourneys at someone’s home really brings down the tournament atmosphere. i think to give the tourney a competitive and professional feel, we should try to procure a public place to hold the tourney. someone mentioned to me that it might be possible to rent event rooms at community centres, which is a great idea (sorry i forgot, but thanks to whoever for the suggestion!). would everyone be willing to pay a nominal fee for renting a venue? and let me know if you have any other venue suggestions!


this tourney will set a precedence for future tourneys in terms of rules, setting and format, so please contribute your ideas, thoughts and suggestions! and also, let’s keep this discussion on because it’s such a pain to have to check both forums. i’ll be keeping track of all related posts in this thread and will tabulate the results of the discussion by the end of this month (september).

i see this as a first step for soul sg in sc4, so everyone can and should participate in the discussion and the actual tourney. hopefully we’ll see some exciting discussion in the next few days!

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