details for upcoming tourney!

hi guys! it’s the end of another great console session and i’m really glad to see so many people (and new faces) gathered at one place!

during the console session, the members of the community who were present (pretty much everybody) discussed the upcoming tourney at length, and this is what we as a community have come up with:

tourney format:
– 16-man singles tourney
– double elim, best of 1
– default time, lifebar and soul gauge
– yoda, vader, bonus characters (like ashlotte) and custom characters are banned
– each match is first to 3
– changing characters is possible
– sbo style stage select

timing: near the end of november, tentatively on a saturday evening (about 6pm to 10pm)

barring any violent objections, we will be moving forward with these settings for the upcoming tourney. do note that these settings may change with subsequent tourneys.

just to clarify on the decision of double elim, best of 1: there is a need for both casual and competitive play, and while double elim, best of 3 will most likely take less than 4 hours, we want to set aside enough time for casual play.

also to clarify, the purpose of this tourney is to start the ball rolling on creating a professional, competitive aspect of soul sg as a fighting game community. we also aim to attract new/existing players to competitive sc4, and hopefully this will give everyone something to look forward to.

on another note, there will be no prizes or titles awarded to the winner, so there’s no need to feel stressed or overly competitive. play however you want, as long as you’re enjoying yourself.

well that’s it for now. as we’re aiming for a 16-man tourney, we really need the numbers and the commitment to make this tourney a success. i hope everyone will do their best to make it for this event and participate in the tourney if possible. please let me know if you have any queries!

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I'm the admin for, the definitive WP for the Singapore Soul Calibur community, otherwise known as Soul SG. What's Soul Calibur? The Soul Calibur series of fighting games was developed by Namco, beginning with the release of Soul Edge for the Playstation in 1996. Ironically, its sequel was titled Soul Calibur. A best-selling game for the Sega Dreamcast, Soul Calibur received rave reviews, with gaming reviewers citing it as one of the greatest games of all time, if not the greatest. Notably, it received perfect 10 review scores from IGN, Gamespot, and Famitsu (notorious for their stringent reviews). The success of Soul Calibur spawned multiple sequels: Soul Calibur 2 (2002), Soul Calibur 3 (2005), a spin-off adventure game Soul Calibur Legends (2007), and the latest iteration, Soul Calibur 4 (2008). Who are we? We're a group of dedicated fighting game players, ranging all ages and walks of life. Some of us are newcomers to the fighting game scene, and some of us have been playing fighting games for ages. But for some reason all of us are drawn to Soul Calibur. I'd like to think that besides the inherent strengths of Soul Calibur as a fighting game, it's because Soul SG is one of the strongest and close-knit gaming communities out there. And what binds Soul SG together is a passion for Soul Calibur, and a dream to see Singaporean Soul Calibur players on the world stage. Within the Soul SG WP,you'll find videos, strategy, announcements... basically anything and everything related to Soul SG. So if you've an interest for Soul Calibur, join us! View all posts by taxi08

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