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Soul Singapore Invitational ’08

Tournament Flyer

Tournament Flyer

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Finalised logistics!

hi all!! here’s the finalised list of who’s bringing what, as well as who’s doing what. i assume that the people listed below will be committed to bringing/doing whatever they’ve volunteered. so please take a look at the following list and see if i’ve made any errors/missed out anything!

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Soul Calibur vs Hokkien Trash Talk

Asura Techno!

Logistics, logistics…

hi guys, it’s the end of another great console session! i’d like to give a big warm welcome and thank you to samuel and ryan for coming down; please join us again for the tourney and future console sessions!

in other news, we need to settle the logistics for the tourney event. just to recap, the tourney will be held on Dec 20 at safra toa payoh, from 6 to 10pm. here are the three major things we need at the moment: Continue reading

IMPORTANT: Vote Soul Calibur 4 for WCG ’09!!

this is important, guys… sc4 is possibly the best game in the soul series, and i believe everyone wants to see competitive soul calibur on the world stage again. so please, spend a few minutes doing this poll, and VOTE SOUL CALIBUR 4 FOR WCG ’09!!

WCG ’09 poll

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