Logistics, logistics…

hi guys, it’s the end of another great console session! i’d like to give a big warm welcome and thank you to samuel and ryan for coming down; please join us again for the tourney and future console sessions!

in other news, we need to settle the logistics for the tourney event. just to recap, the tourney will be held on Dec 20 at safra toa payoh, from 6 to 10pm. here are the three major things we need at the moment:

– consoles
– screens (projectors or monitors)
– sticks

here’s a list of who’s volunteered what so far:

– mich (ps3)
– aheda (xbox)
– dtarchon (xbox)
– whirow (ps3)
– rein (ps3)
– akabane (ps3)

– ck (2 xbox sticks)
– aheda (2 xbox sticks)
– dtarchon (1 xbox stick)
– whirow (2 ps3 sticks)
– rein (1 ps3 stick)
– farp (2 ps3 sticks)
– jovian (2 xbox sticks)
– raymus (1 xbox stick)
– crono (1 ps3 stick)
– akabane (1 ps3 stick)

– ck (1)
– amarax (1)

– aheda (1)
– whirow (1)

for now, i’d like for the people on this list to respond by the end of next week if they WON’T be able to provide what’s mentioned above. if there’s no response, i’ll assume that you’ll be able to provide the stuff on dec 20. we won’t be activating everybody, as we require a maximum of 4 setups.

we will most likely require all the projector and monitor people to provide their equipment, but as you can see from the list, many of these people are going to end up bringing most of the stuff. i’d like if we could share the load, so please inform me if you are able to contribute further!

also, we’ll probably be putting the stuff at my house on the day before (dec 19) to facilitate easy transportation to safra toa payoh, so do keep that in mind.

additionally, there are certain roles that i would like to be filled:

– photographer (with decent camera, to provide enough pictures for the blog)
– documenter (to write down the happenings during the event for the blog)

please let me know if you can help out! as always, my number is nine7916927 if you need any clarification. thanks guys!

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