Soul Singapore T-shirts!!

if you didn’t already know, soul singapore has its very own t-shirt! it’s snazzy and helps identify soul sg community members from a mile away!

no, seriously I’ve identified people from their soul sg t-shirts from a mile away before. it’s actually kinda freaky pretty damn cool!

well ANYWAY we’re printing new t-shirts again, and if you want to buy one now’s the time to order! More after the jump..

if you were around when we made our first t-shirt, you’ll be glad to know that the design is the same as before. if you haven’t seen the design before, here’s what the shirt looks like: front and back. sorry about the crappy photography, but it’s a REALLY nice-looking shirt. basically the front has the soul singapore logo and the back has the project soul logo plus “soul singapore” at the bottom. personally i think it’s a very crisp and elegant design, and immediately conveys who we are and what we do. 🙂

at present the quote i’ve gotten from my supplier is about $12 a piece, but this figure shouldn’t change unless we get many many orders, in which case it’ll get CHEAPER.

so please post under the comments or sms me at nine7916927 if you want a shirt! 🙂

community request:

on that note, another reason we’re printing t-shirts is for publicity purposes; we’re going to get whirow and rein to give them out during their hk trip to the people-in-charge as well as the sc hongkong community. we’re planning to print about 6 to 7 of these shirts to give out to them, which will cost about $70-$80.

i’d greatly appreciate any contribution from the community towards this cost, but since this is more of a fringe thing, i’m definitely not insisting on any compulsory contribution from you guys. we’ll go ahead regardless of contributions as i consider it an investment for the community, and at worst i’ll just cover the bulk of the cost. but if you’re interested in chipping in, let me know via here/sms/whatever and you’ll be credited for your help! 😀

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I'm the admin for, the definitive WP for the Singapore Soul Calibur community, otherwise known as Soul SG. What's Soul Calibur? The Soul Calibur series of fighting games was developed by Namco, beginning with the release of Soul Edge for the Playstation in 1996. Ironically, its sequel was titled Soul Calibur. A best-selling game for the Sega Dreamcast, Soul Calibur received rave reviews, with gaming reviewers citing it as one of the greatest games of all time, if not the greatest. Notably, it received perfect 10 review scores from IGN, Gamespot, and Famitsu (notorious for their stringent reviews). The success of Soul Calibur spawned multiple sequels: Soul Calibur 2 (2002), Soul Calibur 3 (2005), a spin-off adventure game Soul Calibur Legends (2007), and the latest iteration, Soul Calibur 4 (2008). Who are we? We're a group of dedicated fighting game players, ranging all ages and walks of life. Some of us are newcomers to the fighting game scene, and some of us have been playing fighting games for ages. But for some reason all of us are drawn to Soul Calibur. I'd like to think that besides the inherent strengths of Soul Calibur as a fighting game, it's because Soul SG is one of the strongest and close-knit gaming communities out there. And what binds Soul SG together is a passion for Soul Calibur, and a dream to see Singaporean Soul Calibur players on the world stage. Within the Soul SG WP,you'll find videos, strategy, announcements... basically anything and everything related to Soul SG. So if you've an interest for Soul Calibur, join us! View all posts by taxi08

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