Soul Singapore Invitational ’08 Results

Group Picture

Group Picture

The tournament was a great success, we got to see more new faces than expected and we’re looking forward to having more great times with everyone in 2009!

But in the meantime, hit the jump to see what happened on the day itself.

Events signage @ SAFRA Toa Payoh

Events signage @ SAFRA Toa Payoh

Registration Counter! Who picked up our snazzy Soul SG T-shirt?

The waiting area outside, we had movelists prepared in case anyone would want to look up their characters in-between or before matches. Check out those pamphlets on the table! Of course, some gamers preferred to not stop gaming! (Hail the PSP. haha)

Last Minute Research!

Example of one of the setups used during the event. (Only have pics of a 360 setup. No pics of the Ps3 setups :() This setup had 2 joysticks and 2 controllers so contestants could use the input device of their choice (I was hoping to get some Guitar Hero guitars! But couldn’t find any haha!) as well as a Laptop which was recording the matches! (Videos will be available soon!)

Customized Joysticks too!

Tournament Match Ups!

Spectators soaking in all the action!

My camera is bigger than YOURS!

My camera is bigger than YOURS!

Here’s a look at the final tournament brackets.

Click to Enlarge

And when all the dust settled, these three emerged as champions!

In 3rd place, Mr Tan Yu Sheng aka Shen Yu

3rd Place (In Centre) Shen Yu

3rd Place (In Centre) Shen Yu

2nd Place went to Mr Helmi J. Lie aka Shen Rii

2nd Place (In centre) Shen Rii

2nd Place (In centre) Shen Rii

And finally the winner……….

1st Place (In Centre) Shen Chan

1st Place (In Centre) Shen Chan

Mr Jovian Chan aka Shen Chan!

It would be fun to note that the players on the top 3 spots are the same 3 people responsible for that popular fan video “Voldo Dance 4”.

Talk about being creative AND skillful 🙂

That’s all the pic spam we have for you, if you want to see all the pictures taken at the event they can be found here.

For those interested, the following is a breakdown of the characters used during the tournament.

SC4: Algol Banned
SC4: Amy 3
SC4: Astaroth 1
SC4: Cassandra 3
SC4: Cervantes 3
SC4: Darth Vader Banned
SC4: Hilde 0
SC4: Ivy 1
SC4: Kilik 2
SC4: Lizardman 2
SC4: Maxi 1
SC4: Mitsurugi 1
SC4: Nightmare 1
SC4: Raphael 2
SC4: Rock 1
SC4: Seong Mi-Na 1
SC4: Setsuka 0
SC4: Siegfried 1
SC4: Sophitia 1
SC4: Taki 0
SC4: Talim 0
SC4: The Apprentice 0
SC4: Tira 1
SC4: Voldo 0
SC4: Xianghua 0
SC4: Yoda Banned
SC4: Yoshimitsu 0
SC4: Yun-seong 1
SC4: Zasalamel 0

Also, MrToffee from GameAxis was kind enough to join us, take some pictures and share his experience on the gameaxis blog! You can view the entry here.

For more of the tournament pictures, please visit this album. We also have match videos which we will be uploading shortly, so please stay tuned for those.

I’ll end here by saying one last THANK YOU to the people who have made this possible, we’ve been very warmly supported by the people at New Era during our event. We’d also like to thank the reports from GameAxis and GameSync who came down joined in the fun, and last but not least a BIG thank you to everyone who’ve been supporting us since we first brought news of this event.

The people who took interest.

The people who joined.

The people who love the game.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

We hope to see you at our 2009 event! (Preparations are already underway!)

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