Soul Singapore’s Prosperous Start!

Chinese New Year is just around the corner! And here at Soul Singapore, we’ve got some fantastic news! (Hit the jump for more!)

Yesterday, the kind people at New Era, who supported our Soul Singapore Invitational ’08, invited myself and TaXi down to their office for their New Era Games Day 2009 where members of the media were shown the previews of the upcoming releases brought to us by New Era! As its a Media event, it was a great opportunity for the two of us.. so we couldn’t say no!

So we head down and we were shown a video presentation including trailers and screenshots of upcoming games like Stormrise, Hei$t, F.E.A.R.2, Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. as well as the new platform releases of Sacred2 and Tom Clancy’s EndWar. (Personal note, Stormrise looks freaking awesome, and I usually dislike RTS games!! Go and google it now. Lol).. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures. This post will be updated with a link to New Era’s news portal when the pictures go up. ^^

Here’s where the fun part begins…

There was a Quiz session, where 2 speakers and 2 steering wheel peripherals were given away, as much as I was eyeing the speakers, which look a lot cooler than mine.. and would serve better as speakers for the projector during tournaments,  we didn’t win any quizzes… Then came the lucky draw! Well, Long story short.. I won the 1st place! Which is a $108 ang pao…

Considering that this money would not be in my hands if not for everyone’s cohesive efforts here at Soul Singapore, I’ve decided to dedicate this money into bringing some extra spunk into our upcoming tournament, how the money is spent is not clear at the moment, but when we decide to use these funds, they will be put to making the event a little more memorable.

With that said, the tentative date for the upcoming tournament is on the 20th of June 2009, exactly 6 months from SSI’08. Due to logisitcal issues this date might change, but at the moment we have our hearts set on it.

Happy Chinese New Year to all our friends! We’ve just had a very nice start to our year, and we hope you will have one yourselves.


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2 responses to “Soul Singapore’s Prosperous Start!

  • taxi08

    agreed! thanks to everyone, especially our community, our sponsors and our media for making last year great, and hopefully, this year even greater!

    and a big kudos to aheda for making the financial commitment towards the community! i believe i speak for everyone when i say we applaud you for this move. 🙂

  • Yuan

    Indeed. Thank you 🙂

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