Gathering + GRUDGE MATCH

Hey guys, its been awhile.

Originally this month’s gathering SHOULD be on Feburary 14th… but that day is for couples to mingle and singles to emo.. So its not the best time for a bunch of people sitting around playing a video game.

Thus this month’s session’s details are as followed………

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Date : 28th of Feburary 2009

Time : Starting at around 1800hours.. or 6pm.

Location : CK’s Place, The one in Hougang.

Point of Contact: Aheda. Contact @ NineZero11ThreeFive40.

(Feel free to contact if you need the address to the venue)

This time however, we’re going to have A GRUDGE MATCH exhibition between two long time rivals.

The Match stipulations are as follows.


White Corner : Ou aka Aheda

Black Corner : Rii aka Reignhart

Match Type:  First to 10 wins.

Round Settings:
Battle Count – 3 out of 5 rounds
Battle Time – 60s
Penalty – Pay for Shabu-Shabu meal (basic cost + 1 drink) at Katong.

Ou – Kilik
Rii – Nightmare

1.Sailor’s Rest
2.Hall Of The Warrior God

3.Osthreinsburg Castle Throne Room
4.Phantom Pavilion

Stage Select will be decided by a 1D4 roll on the match day itself. Match will probably start around 8pm, once people have settled in post-arrival.
Stay tuned to player profiles, interviews, pre and post match commentary and more!!!! GET HYPE!

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