Its Party Time!

There will be 2 Console Sessions going on tomorrow, 21st Feb 09 at 2 different locations.

One in the west, and one in the north-east regions.

Our host in the west is Willis, aka Hiro, his place is at Bukit Batok, please contact him at mobile number NINE776234FIVE.  From what I hear he can only host about 5-6 people so hurry quick. The session will start at 2PM

Our host in the north-east is DTarchon, his place is in Serangoon, the contact for this location is ShenYuan. Do grab him at NINE237716SEVEN for slots and availability. From what I garner he can also host 5-6 people so do hurry. This session will start at 7pm.

We’re looking to be forming smaller console sessions like these on a more frequent basis than our monthlys. Smaller sessions @ a more frequent basis = More chances to play!

If you can’t make it, do join us for our monthly on the 28th. (Next Saturday)

It’ll be at CK’s place @ Hougang. Contact details will be up in a weeks time.

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