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GAX Point #8 Joysticks vs Joypads Feat. SoulSG and SF4SG!

Gameaxis has just uploaded a video on their blog called GAX Point#8: Joysticks vs Joypads?

MrToffee from GameAxis invited myself and Yagami from down to talk about our respective views on the topic coming from 2D and 3D Fighting Game backgrounds. Enjoy the video!

I feel so unglam now.. I want to look like man-some like Tien Lang.. T.T

Discuss the video on the comments of the gameaxis page, or on the forums! Topic is linked here.

Disclaimer: The video editor had never seen SC4 prior to this video.. So he didn’t include the clips I wanted shown as he wasn’t sure what I meant in the notes I gave him (plus my handwriting stinks) , I assure everyone that I was fliming a lot of manly asuras and warble-ing a lot of full speed aerial kicks for the video.. He just didn’t pick those clips.. *sadpanda*

soul sg in taiwan!

jeez i haven’t posted here in yonks. anyway, greetings from taiwan! i’m currently on exchange and will be in taipei until end june. and i’m glad to report that sc is alive and well in taiwan! 😀

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2nd Weekend of March!

Hey folks, here’s the lowdown on what’s going to be happening this weekend.

On friday the 13th of March..

Do not fear the ghostly ghouls and spirits for our resident demon slayer Taki, mich, will be down at Bugis for some SC3:AE action.

For those of you who do not know, mich will be headed to Kobe, Japan for a year, and she wants to be able to hit the Japanese arcades with a Soul Singapore T-shirt and the pride to match. So she’s asked us on several occasions to head down to Bugis on Friday for some SC3:AE.. And we don’t want to disappoint 🙂 Hope to see you guys there soon.


Apologies for the last minute-ness 😦

Grudge Match Results! and FORUMS!

The Grudge match between Shen Rii and Shen Ou is over!

The final result had Shen Rii standing over a pummelled and beaten Shen Ou with a devastating score of 10-3.

Guess Kilik should stop trying to be so manly taking out Nightmare by himself all the time. 😦

We have videos, but Rii wants to edit them to make us look cooler or something. So stay tuned for that.

Now we’re planning for the next small consoles. So stay tuned for that as well.

In the meantime, SoulSingapore has collaborated with the other fighting game communities in Singapore to come up with a forums for our usage.

It can be found at

SoulSingapore section is really empty right now, I’ll start posting up strat stuff… After I’ve completed Star Ocean 4. OH HO HO HO.

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