2nd Weekend of March!

Hey folks, here’s the lowdown on what’s going to be happening this weekend.

On friday the 13th of March..

Do not fear the ghostly ghouls and spirits for our resident demon slayer Taki, mich, will be down at Bugis for some SC3:AE action.

For those of you who do not know, mich will be headed to Kobe, Japan for a year, and she wants to be able to hit the Japanese arcades with a Soul Singapore T-shirt and the pride to match. So she’s asked us on several occasions to head down to Bugis on Friday for some SC3:AE.. And we don’t want to disappoint 🙂 Hope to see you guys there soon.


Apologies for the last minute-ness 😦

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One response to “2nd Weekend of March!

  • Aomr

    We Indians have absolutely no civic sense.This rcenetly got a lot of attention. Please allow me to quote from the article:”…The first thing that strikes you about India is how dirty it is. In a word, the place is disgusting. All of it. The entire country…”There were many angry comments to the article by outraged Indians. Many asked the writer to visit Kerala which they claimed was very clean.I don’t think so and I live in Kerala.I live in Palakkad. I have seen some of the Government schools here. They are dirty — full of litter. I had to visit Government Victoria College rcenetly to buy an application form. I found it to be filthy.But it is we who have to change. There is no use in blaming the politicians to a large extent.We deserve our politicians.Mr. Manoj Ravindran is spot-on with his observation that we have to start with the children. Cleanliness, public hygiene and an aversion to littering have to become habituated with us if we are to conform to these values. If they are to become habits, we have to start inculcating these values at an young age.Recently, my nephew, who studies at Sri Krishnapuram happened to pick up a toffee wrapper flung carelessly away by a classmate. The classmate’s reaction was “ഓ.. എന ത പ ന ന !”. But, brushing his comment aside, my nephew tucked the wrapper into his shirt pocket with a smile.Let us hope that things change.

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