soul sg in taiwan!

jeez i haven’t posted here in yonks. anyway, greetings from taiwan! i’m currently on exchange and will be in taipei until end june. and i’m glad to report that sc is alive and well in taiwan! πŸ˜€

i’ve been interacting with the taiwan sc players and they’ve been absolutely friendly and generous in making sure i get my regular dose of sc. the taiwanese sc community has players dating back to the sc1 era, so you can be sure of their skill level! πŸ™‚

the unfortunate thing is that under the previous administration, arcades in taipei were totally banned. and only with the new administration taking over has the rule relaxed… but even then there are very few arcades in taipei (only two i know of in taipei so far). most of the arcade scene is in southern or central taiwan (kaohsiung).

regardless, the gaming community in taiwan has rallied together. most of the taipei game stores reside in ε°εŒ—εœ°δΈ‹θ‘— (taipei underground mall, near taipei train station), and they’ve been helping gamers by allowing them to meet together for games using their in-store tvs. while this practice has been going on for quite a while for console games, it’s pretty much salvation for arcade gamers with nowhere to go. as an example, the only sf4 machine in the WHOLE of taiwan is in kaohsiung, and without these stores letting out their tvs, no one in taipei would be able to meet up for sf4 games outside of their own homes. i myself have been playing sc4 (and sc2 and sc3) at these stores with the taiwanese sc community, so kudos to all of them for their efforts!

in closing, here’s some pics i took from our session today! tomorrow i’ll be going to taoyuan (another part of taipei) for another sc session, so watch out for more updates!

me and (some of) the taiwanese sc gamers!

us playing sc4



i just came back from taoyuan! nothing’s more fun than 8 hours of sc with good players. πŸ™‚ and many thanks to futurestar for hosting me! btw the store we played in is HIS store, which is like how cool lah.

i've never played sc with someone who owns a game store :p

us playing sc4 :D

me and the guys :)))

edit 2:

here are the vids of me with the taoyuan guys!

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One response to “soul sg in taiwan!

  • Aheda

    OSSOME! Miss you loads man πŸ˜› Where’s the SoulSingapore T-shirt.. You’re supposed to plug! *cough* *wheeze*

    Now for mich to post pictures with the Japanese players.. YOOHOO MICH WE MISS YOU!

    Edit: I see SC2.. Lol.

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