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GAX Point #8 Joysticks vs Joypads Feat. SoulSG and SF4SG!

Gameaxis has just uploaded a video on their blog called GAX Point#8: Joysticks vs Joypads?

MrToffee from GameAxis invited myself and Yagami from sf4singapore.blogspot.com down to talk about our respective views on the topic coming from 2D and 3D Fighting Game backgrounds. Enjoy the video!


I feel so unglam now.. I want to look like man-some like Tien Lang.. T.T

Discuss the video on the comments of the gameaxis page, or on the Round1.sg forums! Topic is linked here.

Disclaimer: The video editor had never seen SC4 prior to this video.. So he didn’t include the clips I wanted shown as he wasn’t sure what I meant in the notes I gave him (plus my handwriting stinks) , I assure everyone that I was fliming a lot of manly asuras and warble-ing a lot of full speed aerial kicks for the video.. He just didn’t pick those clips.. *sadpanda*

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