May Console Session!!

Sup, Guys! We’ll be having our May Console Session on May the 2nd, there’s quite a bit on the platter this time round so hopefully you’ll be able to join us. We’ll start at 2pm and end around 11-ish. Location is in Hougang area, at CK’s place. Full details are as follows.

May Console Session.

Date & Time: May 2nd 2009. 2pm-11pm

Venue: CK’s Place ( for “Minton Rise” Call me for block and unit number.)

If you need directions kindly contact me at 9zero113540.

We’ll also be having some discussion, some details are as follows.

Firstly, we’ve been looking to add a “Challenge” system on for SoulSG, using the system made by our friends from the Hong Kong BIG Soul Calibur Association.. Unfortunately there are a few clinks that wouldn’t work over here, so we’ll be discussing how to get over them.

Secondly, we’re going to be annoucing the initial plans for the tournament coming on June 20th! Yep the date and time is confirmed. 6pm-10pm on June 20th at SAFRA Toa Payoh, exactly 6 months after SSI’08.

And as usual, there will be lots of SC4 fun, and people will be trying to hijack the consoles to play other games and movies and stuff *glares at Willis* So there’s definitely going to be something for everyone.

Please share your thoughts or RSVP in the comments or over at Round1.SG.

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