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SoulSingapore Rumble RESULTS!!!!

It was a fun tourney with lots of the usual HAADO antics and gh3y intentions.


(L to R) ShenYuan (2nd), ShenOu (4th), Engared (3rd), ShenChan (1st)

Yeah, my face is in there because… well I’m small enough to be squeezed in! 😛

Like mentioned in the caption, results are as follows.

1st Shen Chan (Mitsurugi)

2nd Shen Yuan (Xianghua)

3rd Engared (Nightmare)

Despite how character choices weren’t limited, I’m glad to see the top 3 stuck to one character true out! Way to represent your chars guys!

I’m missing both the brackets and the videos at the moment.. but here’s a group picture!


This was after about 5 people left…  thus the “emptyness” of the left side.. plus we have to photoshop my dear friend TaXi in. yeah. Lol

More pics after the jump! And Cake!

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Project Natal + Project Soul?


Lol Memories

So, I accidentally kicked something and found out it was a CD Case… so i opened it up and browsed through what was inside.. I found a lot of stuff that made me laugh a lot, some stuff even brought tears to my eyes (seriously).. I’ve revisited lot of memories of SoulSingapore of ’03-’04 over the hour and I just wanted to share these… Its a pity I don’t have as many pictures as I have videos though.. (and the videos are fun… Spyder vs Crono series… Neoshinji series etc.etc.)

People keep going “If only we still had those pictures”


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Soul Singapore RUMBLE!!!! June 20th!

Its the 2nd wing of the Soul Singapore Invitational Series, and its happening on June 20th! Rules and other such stuff are very similar to the previous tournaments, but some things have been changed so do take a look see through everything ^^ Click the jump for more…

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