Soul Singapore RUMBLE!!!! June 20th!

Its the 2nd wing of the Soul Singapore Invitational Series, and its happening on June 20th! Rules and other such stuff are very similar to the previous tournaments, but some things have been changed so do take a look see through everything ^^ Click the jump for more…

Event Details

Date & Time : 20th June 2009, 6pm-10pm

Venue Fee :  $5

Tournament Fee : Free, Included in Venue Fee

Location :

Toa Payoh Room, Safra Toa Payoh Clubhouse, 293 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, Singapore 319387

Please note that all timings are subject to change.

6:00pm – 6:15pm: Doors Open, Tournament Registration.

6:15pm – 7:15pm: Tournament Commences.

7:15pm – 7:30pm: Tournament Intermission, Setting up for Finals/Casuals

7:30pm – 8:00pm: Tournament Finals

8:00pm – 9:50pm: Casuals

9:50pm – 10:00pm: End of Event (Packing up and stuff)

General Rules

1.  All equipment is volunteered from members of the local gaming community, any mishandling of equipment will NOT be tolerated. We reserve the rights to remove anyone from the premises should they be deemed to be deliberately damaging equipment.

2. Food & Drinks ARE Allowed, but please refrain from bringing in wet foodstuffs (Foods which may drip/spill) as we are responsible for cleaning up the place once we are done. Any mishaps would lead to quite a few people going home late. So please be considerate.

3. During Casuals, please do not hog. Try to limit yourself to a maximum of 3 (or so) games on the machine and then let someone else play.

4. The Tournament will have umpires overseeing match-ups. To ensure smooth procedures, kindly wait for instructions from the umpire before proceeding to do anything prior to a match (when to select characters, which stage to select etc.etc.etc.)

Tournament Details

Console: Xbox360

Format: Double Elimination

Match/Round Count: Best of 3 matches, Rounds set to 5.

Finals: Best of 5, Rounds set to 5.

Character Usage: Free Choice

Banned Characters: Darth Vader, Yoda

Controllers: Button Binding Allowed, Joysticks Allowed.

Side/Stage Select: Advantage Decision ( See below)

Finals Side/Stage Select: Both Given to Loser’s Bracket Champion.

Tournament FAQ

Any major changes from the previous tourney?

The tournament format is now best of 3 instead of best of 1 in December. This is to ensure everyone gets a big more bang out of their match-ups. Also the tournament is now free, but entry to the venue will cost $5.

Why the change in prices?

This time round, we’re hoping to let everyone have more time for casuals after the tournament and we’ll be aiming to end the tourney ASAP to accommodate those plans. Thus we decided to charge a venue fee for the use of the consoles and equipment instead of charging competitors for a tournament. (without prizes T.T)

Why Xbox360 only?

We wanted to remove the issue of having “ps3 pad” vs “Xbox360 pad” players. When deciding to go single platform, we have more Xb0x360s and X360 joysticks amongst the community. The game also happens to run smoother on the Xbox360 (PS3 has slowdown issues on certain large stages, quite consistently as well.) Also, because MrToffee threw away my PS3 pad 😦 (Lol, ok not really, but what a fun excuse eh?)

What is “Advantage Decision”?

A lot of players find it easier to play on one side of the game (1P side or 2P side) as compared to the other, other players use characters that can take better advantage of a particular stage due to its size, walls, or ring out options. As such, if left to luck, the decisions on which side and stage to play on could end up giving one player too much of an advantage. Thus, before every round we will hold an “Advantage Decision”. “Advantage Decision” consists of a simple game of luck, like a coin flip or scissors-paper-stone. Both players will engage in this game and the winner will get to choose his advantage, Side or Stage. If he chooses Side, his opponent chooses the stage for their match and vice versa.

I can only use the PS3 pad, the tournament is being run on the Xbox360… What now?

There’s nothing that can be done, I’d hate to be blunt about this, but this sort of problem is the main reason why players are encouraged to learn how to use a joystick, its universal throughout all platforms, including arcades.

I want to join the tournament but I cannot make it until 6:30pm… Can I still join?

You can contact us and inform us what time you’re coming. We’ll try our best to drag your matches until as late as possible. In the event that you still don’t make it to the tournament on time. You will be disqualified but won’t be charged your entry fee.

Where are the prizes list?

This is an event run by the community for the community, as it is, the $5 venue fee is to help cover the costs of renting the room and transporting the equipment and it is barely enough. Still, we hope that everyone can come together to enjoy the game and we apologize for being unable to provide any form of recognition or reward for the winner. We do have posters to give away though. 🙂

Why the name “Advantage Decision”?

(Lol fun question.) I wanted something catchier to say as compared to “Player chooses either side/stage, opponent chooses the other and vice versa” which is long, boring and a chore to say/type. Having a term to represent the whole process would have been much nicer. I happen to find “Advantage Decision” has a nice ring to it.. considering the winning player decides which Advantage he gets.

Why are the rulings for the Finals different?

They are the FINALS! They deserve a little more attention and drama to them.

Is there anything I should bring?

Bloodlust! A thirst for victory! No seriously, just come with yourself ready to meet some nice people and have some fun. For tournament participants, please prepare the following details for registration.

Full Name:

Nick Name:



Reason for email is so that we can send you the results along with links to videos and pictures. As for age, that’s a piece of information we might need for getting the next event going. :)

What is Soul Calibur IV?

Soulcalibur IV is the 5th and latest installment in Namco Bandai’s Soul series of fighting games, released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on the 31st of July 2008, this weapons-based fighter is one of the most popular 3D fighting games in the world today. With the new online play, soul gauge system and customization features, as well as the entrance of guest characters from the Star Wars universe. Soul Calibur IV is set to be the best installment of the series yet.

What is Soul Singapore?

Soul Singapore is a group of Singaporeans who have been enjoying the game for close to a decade, the name “Soul Singapore” sprouted out back in 2003 when they decided to start holding team tournaments to promote deeper sense of teamwork and competition amongst the fans of the game. What started out as just a cool name to refer to ourselves as (as opposed to “the community”) became more of an identity with the advent of internet phenomenons like “Youtube”, “Friendster” and “Facebook”. Over the years, Soul Singapore has seen about 40-50 people joining us to enjoy the “Soul Series”, games, and everything wonderful that life has to offer. We hope that you can join us too.

SoulSingapore Rumble is proudly brought to you by the fine chaps at and

Find out more about your local fighting game communities at!  Singapore’s premiere fighting game community!

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