Lol Memories

So, I accidentally kicked something and found out it was a CD Case… so i opened it up and browsed through what was inside.. I found a lot of stuff that made me laugh a lot, some stuff even brought tears to my eyes (seriously).. I’ve revisited lot of memories of SoulSingapore of ’03-’04 over the hour and I just wanted to share these… Its a pity I don’t have as many pictures as I have videos though.. (and the videos are fun… Spyder vs Crono series… Neoshinji series etc.etc.)

People keep going “If only we still had those pictures”


WHOO! FREE PLAY!Lunz Prematch Excercise

Funny story about this one.. we were all in his bedroom in pitch black darkness and I was browsing through my camera..

Then Lunz went “LOOK AT ME I’M DOING VOLDO’S MANTIS HUMP”… So i quickly switched to camera mode and just randomly shot in his general direction.. I must say I’m a natural at photography.

Last but not least.. the one picture to rule them all.


Show this to your Taiwan friends lol.

P.S. No, I do NOT have that infamous Kata performance.. that one is really really deleted.. 😦 But then again there are ways to retrieve such things from computers mirite? Hardy har har.

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