SoulSingapore Rumble RESULTS!!!!

It was a fun tourney with lots of the usual HAADO antics and gh3y intentions.


(L to R) ShenYuan (2nd), ShenOu (4th), Engared (3rd), ShenChan (1st)

Yeah, my face is in there because… well I’m small enough to be squeezed in! 😛

Like mentioned in the caption, results are as follows.

1st Shen Chan (Mitsurugi)

2nd Shen Yuan (Xianghua)

3rd Engared (Nightmare)

Despite how character choices weren’t limited, I’m glad to see the top 3 stuck to one character true out! Way to represent your chars guys!

I’m missing both the brackets and the videos at the moment.. but here’s a group picture!


This was after about 5 people left…  thus the “emptyness” of the left side.. plus we have to photoshop my dear friend TaXi in. yeah. Lol

More pics after the jump! And Cake!

The cake is a lie, and so are the pictures. Tired now, will upload them sometime soon! ^^

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7 responses to “SoulSingapore Rumble RESULTS!!!!

  • Hiro

    just realised that Raymus didn’t get 4th this time round

  • taxi08

    great job guys!! i’m proud of all of you :)))) and a big welcome to all those newcomers! and who’s this engared who got 3rd place! *gasp*

    btw my undeniable soul singapore spirit is lingering somewhere above amarax in that photo.

  • Aheda

    Engared is a Singaporean living in Melbourne.
    He’s here on vacation! 🙂

  • Hiro

    hmm i’ve uploaded a couple of the videos, there’s 2 more where i have to edit them cos they are too long ^^;

  • tony stark's billionaire boys club

    As the CEO of Stark Industries and former US Secretary of Defense, I would like to convey my heartfelt congratulations to Engared on his fine performance in this tournament. Kudos too to the Shen clan. Very good. I’ll be coming to all of you when we expand the orbital weapons division, we’ll be needing some quick targeting experts.

    Furhthermore I’d like to take this opportunity to add that despite the current economic crisis, Stark Industries is as good as ever. We’re currently building a boson engine that will open a wormhole to the fifth dimension, a place Dr. Reed Richards has identified as “The Negative Zone.” Who knows what exciting things we’ll find in there! Maybe it’ll even help us solve the recession and balance the US’s budget deficit! Maybe we’ll discover an alternate universe where George Bush was really the evil genius Nick Fury and I always feared he would turn out to be and the planet has now been renamed to the United World of Dubya.

    But I digress. Excellent work in the tournament everybody, good job to all involved, and Engared, if Rhodey ever quits, you’re #147 on my shortlist to be the new War Machine!

    peace and love

    Anthony Edward Stark
    President and CEO
    Stark Industries

  • Bruce Wayne

    f**k off, tony.

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