Soul Calibur Impact 2012 feat. Soul Singapore.

EDIT: DEAR PARTICIPANTS, It has come to our attention that players have been confused about the rulings of the Second Wind Tournament AND and Raffle.
For the Second Wind Tournament, you MUST HAVE PARTICIPATED AND BEEN ELIMINATED from the Main Tournament to be eligible to Join.
For the Raffle, if you participate in any tournament, you will be given a ticket.
If you set your RSVP as “Going” on our FB Event page. You will be given a ticket.
Otherwise, you will NOT be entered into the Raffle! So spectators PLEASE state your interest on our FB Event or you WILL be losing out! Thanks! 

Bandai Namco Partners Singapore and Soul Singapore present to you the first competitive event for Soul Calibur 5 in our island nation.

Come March the 3rd 2012, Singapore’s finest Souls will gather in e2max, to participate in what could be the biggest tournament for fighting games in Singapore EVER.

This tournament is part of an international series of tourneys held by Bandai Namco Games. The winner of this tournament WILL be sent on a trip to LONDON to participate in the regional finals held later in March.

Other prizes include PS3s, joysticks and Limited Editions of Soul Calibur 5 and photos with our lovely cosplayers! We’ll also be having lots of casual games, a newcomer side tournament as well as a raffle where more prizes are to be given away. Prizes totalling a value of over $10,000 are to be given away on this day! (OVER 9000!!!) So be sure to give yourself a chance to walk away with some cool loot.

So take down these details and watch this space for full details coming soon!

Date : 3rd March 2012
Venue : E2Max @ Level 9
Cathay Cineleisure
8 Grange Road
Singapore 239695
Time : 12noon – 12 Midnight. (We can extend to 3am if there is sufficient interest.)

Apologies as we don’t have any partnered Hotels for these events, but here are some links to cheap hotels within 20 minutes of public transport from the venue!

Excited? Indicate your interest on our Event page on Facebook!


12 pm – Doors Open, Registration Commences.

1:30 pm – Main Tournament Commences, Playing to Top 8 (4 in Winners 4 in Losers)

1:30 pm – 5:00pm – Registration for Second Wind/No Pros Tournament

5:00 pm – Second Wind/No Pros Tournament Commences. Play till End.

7:00 pm – Break

7:30 pm – Main Tournament Top 8 Commences

10:00 pm – Prize Giving Ceremony

10:30 pm – Raffle Giveaway! (PS3s, SC5 Horis to be won!)


This event will be streamed live! If you are unable to make it or are from another country and would like to participate in some form, you can watch and interact with us via our live stream and chat!

The event will be streamed by and you will be able to view it here!


Main Tournament

Prize Pool for Top 8

Top Prize – Trip to the UK to Represent Singapore in the Soul Calibur Impact 2012 European Leg.

Top 8 get prizes worth hundreds of dollars.

Second Wind/No Pros Tournament

Prize Pool for Top 3

Top Prize – Game Console (Either PS3/Xbox360 TBC)


Game Consoles and SC5 Hori Joysticks to be given away! Pre-register for an additional chance to win!


Tournament format is Double Elimination.
Tournament will be played on the Xbox360 platform.
Each Match is played first to 2. (except grand finals which is played first to 3)
Rounds set to 3, timer set to 60 seconds.
The Characters “Dampierre”, “Devil Jin”, “Kilik”, “Elysium” and “Edgemaster” are BANNED.
CAS (Created Characters are Banned)
Custom Weapons are Banned.
We may allow custom colours for Top 8, subject to time constraints.
All matches are to be played on RANDOM STAGE SELECT.
Blind Pick must be REQUESTED or it is otherwise not enforced.
Players are advised to bring down their own Joysticks, Controllers or Converters.
The venue is providing us with some controllers and joysticks for this event, neither the venue nor the tournament organisers will be held responsible for any performance issues of provided equipment.
Wireless controllers, not provided by the venue, are strictly BANNED from this event.

Special Rules for Second Wind/No Pros Tournament.

Second Wind/No Pros tournament is open to players fulfilling both of the following criteria.

a. Player has been eliminated from the main tournament (Not in Top 8)
b. Player is neither considered a seeded/pro player from previous tournaments, local or international.

This tournament is mainly a chance for newer players to get a clearer view of how well they stand amongst players of their own skill level, as well as a chance for them to go home with some great prizes.

Below is a list of players who are seeded or considered banned from the Second Wind/No Pros tournament.

  1. Jovian aka ShenChan
  2. Raymus aka ShenYuan
  3. Sam aka ShenOu
  4. Farpenoodle aka ShenYu
  5. Shen Rii
  6. DTArchon
  7. Curren aka TaXi
  8. Ian aka Engared
  9. Rond aka Dreamboat
  10. Wilson aka Tetra
  11. Leo aka Lennol
  12. mich
  13. PantherRH
  14. Shane Goh aka zer0kage

As a tradeoff, these players will be seeded in the main tournament.


All participants are given up to 3 chances to win.
Participants can earn Raffle Chances by doing the following:

  1. PRE-REGISTERING for the Tournament by visiting us on facebook, liking us and clicking “Going” on our event page.
  2. Participating in the Main Tournament
  3. Participating in the Second Wind Tournament

Participants may win no more than 1 prize from the raffle.
Top 8 players in the Main Tournament will be excluded from the Raffle. (Top 8 is guaranteed a prize worth at least $200 from their tournament)
Top 2 Players in the Second Wind/No Pros Tournament will be excluded from the Raffle. (See Above)

Prizes and the list of seeded/banned participants are subject to change.

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