Namco Bandai & Soul SG @ Singapore Airshow 2012

Hey guys.

We’re going to be headed to the Singapore Air Show 2012 on the 18th and 19th of February!
There will be a tournament at the Singapore Air Show for Soul Calibur V at the Namco Bandai Booth.
Come on down, compete for your chance to win a Hori SC5 Joystick or take part in a Lucky Draw for a Brand New Xbox360!

There will be no joysticks available so BYOC! (Console being used is Xbox360)
We will also have top player Shen Chan available  to give some hot tips on how to play the game!
So come on down, see what the finest in the world of Aviation has to offer, and then showcase your SOUL and earn some great prizes!

Shuttle Bus details and How to get there instructions can be found at this link.

See you there!

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