What is Soul Singapore?

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Soul Singapore (or Soul SG) is a group of gamers dedicated to the Soul Calibur series of fighting games, ranging all ages and walks of life. Some of us are newcomers to the fighting game scene, and some of us have been playing fighting games for ages. But for whatever reason, all of us are drawn to Soul Calibur. We’d like to think that besides the inherent strengths of Soul Calibur as a fighting game, it’s because Soul SG is one of the strongest and most closely-knitted gaming communities out there. Over the years, Soul SG has seen more than 50 people joining us to enjoy Soul Calibur in the company of friends. We’ve even had players so passionate and skilled that they have gone overseas to the USA, Japan, and France on multiple occasions to compete against the International Players. What binds Soul SG together is a passion for Soul Calibur, and a dream to see Singaporean Soul Calibur players on the world stage.

What is Soul Calibur?

The Soul Calibur series of fighting games was developed by Namco, beginning with the release of Soul Edge for the Playstation in 1996. Ironically, its sequel was titled Soul Calibur. A best-selling game for the Sega Dreamcast, Soul Calibur received rave reviews, with gaming reviewers citing it as one of the greatest games of all time, if not the greatest. Notably, it received perfect 10 review scores from IGN, Gamespot, and Famitsu (notorious for their stringent reviews). The success of Soul Calibur spawned multiple sequels: Soul Calibur II (2002), Soul Calibur III (2005), a spin-off adventure game Soul Calibur Legends (2007). The series then hit the next gen, with Soul Calibur IV (2008) coming out on the Playstation 3 and Xbox360.

Soul Calibur V is the 6th and upcoming installment in Namco Bandai’s Soul Calibur series. Set to release on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 on 31 January 2011, the franchise is revived after the Project Soul Team was disbanded post Soul Calibur VI. Carrying the reigns this time is Daishi Odashima, a competitive Soul Calibur player from back in the original Soul Calibur days who promises that this game will not have all the game breaking issues that the previous titles, or other franchises often face. Set 17 years after the events of Soul Calibur VI, the game and it’s cast has been put through a complete revamp. Adding an entirely new generation of characters, bringing back some immortal favorites and adding incredible amount of new system and character mechanics that haven’t been seen before.

What is this WP for?

This webpage is where you’ll find the latest news, videos and hot topics within the SoulSingapore community. However, if you wish to have your voice heard, give us some feedback, find out where you’ll next see us or just strike up a conversation with the crew, consider one of the following options.

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Like us on our facebook page and instantly communicate with the locals that play YOUR game, or catch up with some of the foreign friends who have visited us, or the friends who we’ve met on our International excursions.


We can be found on 8WayRun, the number one resource for Soul Calibur information on the internet today.

Head to our own matchmaking thread on the forums, or read up on your favorite characters profile on the Wiki.
You can also head to the Tactics and Soul Arena sections to step up your game!

The kind folk at round1.sg also has a Soul Calibur section hosted, so feel free to pop by there if you want a more local discussion.


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