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where are my forums?!

ARGH is dead.

please take note of the forum that xctu has set up in lieu (the link brings you to the asia/australia matchfinder):


and here’s the sc thread on the namco bandai games forum, which has some interesting sc discussion going on, go take a look and join in!


a vid by spyder!

it’s a vid by spyder!! thx to aheda for the link… now watch it!


tax’s japan pics!

HERE are my japan pics! enjoy!

Soul SG SC 3 AE 2v2 Tourney 4 Neoshinji

(ad verbatim from rein’s post on the tourney results board at Soul SG! I know this is a very last minute tournament and I thank you for all who participated!

Airconman from the GGXX community who lent us his camcorder to record the event deserves a special mention.

I hope Neoshinji had a blast here in SG though I think we left him starving for quite a few times… Sorry!

Ok details of the tournament. Continue reading

japan pics!!!!!!!!

here are the long-awaited japan pics… enjoy!

comments on the pics (some comments are specific, see if you can tell which pic it belongs to): Continue reading

Japan Trip

Hey Hey, not sure if anyone’s interested …
Just thought i’d do a short report on the Trip + casuals + SBO. Continue reading

results for july VS tourney!

and another tourney comes and goes…

here are the results:

1st: jovian
2nd: raymus
3rd: aheda

thanks to shiks and louis for their efforts. apologies for not being able to make it, but i assure you that i and the rest really wanted to be there.

to the next tourney!


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