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where are my forums?!

ARGH is dead.

please take note of the forum that xctu has set up in lieu (the link brings you to the asia/australia matchfinder):


and here’s the sc thread on the namco bandai games forum, which has some interesting sc discussion going on, go take a look and join in!


a vid by spyder!

it’s a vid by spyder!! thx to aheda for the link… now watch it!


tax’s japan pics!

HERE are my japan pics! enjoy!

Soul SG SC 3 AE 2v2 Tourney 4 Neoshinji

(ad verbatim from rein’s post on the tourney results board at Soul SG! I know this is a very last minute tournament and I thank you for all who participated!

Airconman from the GGXX community who lent us his camcorder to record the event deserves a special mention.

I hope Neoshinji had a blast here in SG though I think we left him starving for quite a few times… Sorry!

Ok details of the tournament. Continue reading

japan pics!!!!!!!!

here are the long-awaited japan pics… enjoy!

comments on the pics (some comments are specific, see if you can tell which pic it belongs to): Continue reading

Japan Trip

Hey Hey, not sure if anyone’s interested …
Just thought i’d do a short report on the Trip + casuals + SBO. Continue reading

results for july VS tourney!

and another tourney comes and goes…

here are the results:

1st: jovian
2nd: raymus
3rd: aheda

thanks to shiks and louis for their efforts. apologies for not being able to make it, but i assure you that i and the rest really wanted to be there.

to the next tourney!


may VS league tourney – another one under the belt!

WELL! another successful tourney.

once again, thanks to the organisers, and shiks and louis for setting up the whole shindig.

also, thanks to everyone for turning up and filling up the slots; we really appreciate the support.

oh and i’d also like to give a big shoutout to the newcomers, highlander, kai and haiziman! always cool to see some new blood around here. not sure whether you guys will read this, but feel free to ask any of us for gameplay tips or just to say hi, and keep participating in the future tourneys!

here are the results:

1st – jovian
2nd – dtarchon
3rd – raymus

looking forward to the next tourney!


sc adventure game CONFIRMED

hmm i guess the soul calibur adventure game for the wii is confirmed after all. has an article on it, click here to read.

as usual, ivy and sieg get cool wallpapers. disgusting. there better be some bloody costume customisation in this game or i’m gonna go japan and slap everyone in namco.

even the receptionist.


a sign of (shitty) things to come has an article on the upcoming soul calibur game for the wii…

…the upcoming soul calibur ADVENTURE game.

this better not be namco’s idea of sc4. i already hate conquest mode and all its variants. click here to read more.


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