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Soul Singapore Invitational ’08 Results

Group Picture

Group Picture

The tournament was a great success, we got to see more new faces than expected and we’re looking forward to having more great times with everyone in 2009!

But in the meantime, hit the jump to see what happened on the day itself.

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Soul Singapore T-shirts!!

if you didn’t already know, soul singapore has its very own t-shirt! it’s snazzy and helps identify soul sg community members from a mile away!

no, seriously I’ve identified people from their soul sg t-shirts from a mile away before. it’s actually kinda freaky pretty damn cool!

well ANYWAY we’re printing new t-shirts again, and if you want to buy one now’s the time to order! More after the jump..

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IMPORTANT: Vote Soul Calibur 4 for WCG ’09!!

this is important, guys… sc4 is possibly the best game in the soul series, and i believe everyone wants to see competitive soul calibur on the world stage again. so please, spend a few minutes doing this poll, and VOTE SOUL CALIBUR 4 FOR WCG ’09!!

WCG ’09 poll

CaliburForums down for the count.

Looks like has finally given up the ghost.

Posted by Funked:

It comes with great regret, but I must announce, that Caliburforum will more than likley become non functional for reasons beyond out control. We are going to try and have the caliburforum url forward to this site!

So welcome to the OFFICAL home of the Soul Calibur series!

Hopefully the admins can get what data might still be in there off before the server shuts down entirely. Much thanks to Jaxel for taking the initiative with setting up 8WayRun so we wouldn’t be homeless.

Here is the our matchfinder thread on 8WayRun.

Edit: Or not?

Calibur Forum
The site is being moved…. please check back later!

Yoda and Darth Vader WILL indeed be DLC come October 23rd.

Its official, on the 23rd of October both the short and the disabled will be available for download on their respective consoles.

PS3 users will get Yoda.

Xbox360 users will get DarthVader.

Vader will cost SGD $8.25 to purchase (400 MP). I’m guessing Yoda will cost around the same ($5.93 USD).

Considering how Yoda’s size breaks a lot of strategies and it’ll cost every console owner $8 to get practice against these characters. I’m currently against legalizing the two characters.

New Theme

Just noticed WordPress added a couple more free themes. So I chose one that includes author names and is a little easier on the eyes than the old one. Yay.

I’ll change the header image to something more suitable when I reboot back into Windows. (Yes. I happen to be a bit of a linux whore. What of it? I still need Windows to do almost anything productive.)

New Soul SG Blog

This place is new. We shall post in it.

I’ve imported all the old posts from the old blog, however comments don’t seem to be working with those. But if you really want to read them I guess you can just go there.

If you’re a member of the community and want posting priveledges, just contact me or TaX. Remember to keep it at least vaguely SC related though.


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