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SSI ’08 Videos

For now only Finals are available.

Additional videos will go up as I sort through them.

Appologies for the not so good video quality. We didn’t have much time to test the recording setup. We’ll have it nailed next time round. 😉

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You’ve been hit by.. been struck by.. VOLDO!

Beam with pride folks.. Its done.

Edit: Warner took the video down from YouTube. (Booooooooo!) So I’ve uploaded it to DailyMotion.

Dear Lord! 😛

Hit the jump for the previous 2 versions made by locals and the Original Dance Voldo Dance.

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Our brothers in Hong Kong are WTF

Nice video compiled by our friend from Hong Kong KnightSpirit (Simon)

For those of you who are new to the community, Simon used to stay in Singapore and would join us to play fairly often.

LAU and I are secretly the parents of Raymus and Jovian. Its true 🙂

Enjoy the video. Its OMG awesome.

Sith Combo Project: Dark Powers of the Sith

HQ Download link

Soul Calibur vs Hokkien Trash Talk

Asura Techno!

Team Shen Casual Video Blitz

Lots of videos. Lots. Here’s one of the more offensive ones:

Hit the jump for the rest.

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Algol Combo Video

Shen Rii’s Algol combo video.
Project Algol: Nath Tawr Combos Ver 1.03

More Casuals

More casuals from Team Shen. Hit the jump for the videos.

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Hiro (Maxi) VS Ethan (Mitsu) – Casual Match

Last batch of casuals.

Shen Yuan(Hilde) vs KnightSpirit(Mitsu):

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