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player critiques by… Dtarchon

(ad verbatim from dtarchon’s post on sc.com forums sg thread)firstly let me state i am NOT JUST a defensive player but a bloody offence-minded player who has his mind always on thinking different but VIABLE+EFFECTIVE ways to attack/evade/counter the opponent. Defense is boring DUH!..who wants to guard your attacks all day…i want to attack non-stop (if that was possible) with all the tools at my disposal and have a great exchange. In this game You have to wait for the right moment to use a hidden hand or TEST a hidden hand. Doing “flashy” moves with no thought to setting it up is imo not flashy. Continue reading

player critiques by… Aheda

(ad verbatim from aheda’s post on sc.com forums sg thread)

My Top 5..
TaXiWhether or not that’s in order is for you guys to decide. Heh.
No offense to anyone.. This is just the comments of someone who’s been here for a long time but never improved ^.^ Continue reading

player critiques: disclaimer

hey just as a disclaimer for the critiques…

i’d like to tell the rest of the soul sg players that the “top 5” list could be seen just as a top 5 list of people who have played for a bloody long time. experience is one of those key factors that helps you a lot in your gameplay.

but this also means that if you practice and play enough, YOU can be a top player too. i actually see a lot of up and coming players that are doing really well. with enough experience, i’m sure the pool of “top” players will expand.

so let’s keep practicing! 😀

player critiques by… Jovian

(ad verbatim from jovian’s post on sc.com. forums sg thread)

In no particular order:
1) Rii
2) Raymus
3) Tax and Mich ( I can’t decide, so i jus put them together like Rii did)
4) DTA
5) Jovian1) Rii A.k.a. R.O. Terror. – Nightmare, Raphael Continue reading

player critiques by… Reinhart

(ad verbatim from rein’s post on sc.com forums sg thread)

JOVIAN- Sophitia (I HATE!), Slutsuka, Yun Sung, Cervantes
I think this guy has it all. He’s got the reflexes, the knowledge, the input power, the patience, the adaptability. Totally tournament material.Weaknesses:
Seriously, I’m still dumbfounded. All I can exploit against him would be his character weaknesses. But then again, his characters are all frigging good as well.

RAYMUS – ASStaroth, Voldo (Bodoh )
As a Jov’s partner (eh hehe), definitely ain’t that far off from Jovian. He’s got the reflexes definitely, the knowledge of the game as well and of course the patience.

Adaptability he definitely has but not fast enough, so if you are dynamic enough, you can exploit this weakness of his in a tournament situation where time to ‘feel’ your opponent isn’t much. Continue reading

player critiques by… Raymus

(ad verbatim from raymus’ post in the sc.com forums sg thread)Hello.

In my opinion, the top 5 (excluding me for further assessment of others) = (Not in order)
Hikaru Continue reading

player critiques by… Tax

k rein asked me to do a critique of the top 5 players in sg.

now, the following is purely my personal opinion.

to me, there’re really only 2 players who are “top”, so here are my critiques: Continue reading

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