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arcadia sc3:ae tier list (by oosaka)

hey guys, here’s the arcadia tier list for sc3:ae… many thanks to talim jp for posting it on the jp thread in the sc.com forums. it’s pretty controversial imo… especially the lower ranks. talim jp says he’ll ask oosaka for comments on the tier list, so keep watching this blog!

Tax Continue reading

tier list by… Reinhart!

ok this is rein’s tier list, ad verbatim.

top-tier: everyone but nm

bottom tier: nm

hope i got that right, rein! 😀


tier list by… Tax!

ok this is my tier list. i’ve judged the characters based on whether they fulfill certain criteria, and how viable their tools are in a tourney scenario.

specifically the criteria are: Continue reading

tier list by… Jovian/Sandra

an exceedingly fast reply by Jovian… aka Sandra…. erm yeah. anyway thank you for contributing! Continue reading

Soul SG’s SC3:AE ver. B tier list

hey guys, i’m thinking we should consolidate all our opinions to form our very own tier list based on our own gameplay styles and experiences. feel free to send your own tier lists (as specific as possible, with as much explanation as you want) and i’ll post them up on the blog so we can all comment and come up with Soul SG’s very own tier list!


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