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SSI ’08 Videos

For now only Finals are available.

Additional videos will go up as I sort through them.

Appologies for the not so good video quality. We didn’t have much time to test the recording setup. We’ll have it nailed next time round. 😉

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Date for Upcoming Tournament, Your Input Here!

Alright guys, Tax has posted a date up in the air for the upcoming tournament (15th November) and instantly we’ve gotten 2 nadas for that date.

So i figured to prevent any clutter and what not, please leave a comment to this post on which Saturdays you cannot make it on?

The following is a list of dates in November, and the players who cannot make it for those dates. Continue reading

details for upcoming tourney!

hi guys! it’s the end of another great console session and i’m really glad to see so many people (and new faces) gathered at one place!

during the console session, the members of the community who were present (pretty much everybody) discussed the upcoming tourney at length, and this is what we as a community have come up with: Continue reading

Tourney Planning

Okay guys, we’re in the process of planning a tourney. If you’ve got any ideas maybe you want to post them up in this thread.

You can read more by following the link or  expanding this post. Continue reading

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