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Japan Trip

Hey Hey, not sure if anyone’s interested …
Just thought i’d do a short report on the Trip + casuals + SBO. Continue reading

sc adventure game CONFIRMED

hmm i guess the soul calibur adventure game for the wii is confirmed after all. 1up.com has an article on it, click here to read.

as usual, ivy and sieg get cool wallpapers. disgusting. there better be some bloody costume customisation in this game or i’m gonna go japan and slap everyone in namco.

even the receptionist.


a sign of (shitty) things to come

kotaku.com has an article on the upcoming soul calibur game for the wii…

…the upcoming soul calibur ADVENTURE game.

this better not be namco’s idea of sc4. i already hate conquest mode and all its variants. click here to read more.


most damaging followup for cass’ command throw

a gazillion people have been asking me this, so here goes.

the most damaging followup for cass’ command throw is 8A+K K. the input is crazy easy. no, i don’t know why one move has two different inputs. but there it is, for 65 dmg. i have had moments when it whiffed or got teched out, so do it at your own risk. still quite worth it though, imo.

thanks to talim jp and oosaka for the original information!


sc2 > sc3:ae?

what do you guys think? i think a lot of our current sg players reminisce a lot about sc2. but is sc3:ae really that bad?

now, if you held me at gunpoint and made me choose between sc2 and sc3:ae, i think i’d choose sc2, reason being: Continue reading

random musings on taki

why does NO ONE in japan use taki in tourneys?

they’re missing out on a lot, i tell you. specifically, the joys of:

– WL A
– 1K
– FC A+K Continue reading

Soul SG’s very own blog!

you knew this was coming, guys…


seriously though, i created this blog for two reasons:

to discuss general strat and specific character strat for all soul calibur games

– to discuss certain issues about soul calibur (gameplay or otherwise), the community, or just sg gaming in general

i’ll be posting some stuff i find relevant, but everyone else is free to post anything or make any comments, as long as it lies within the scope of the blog.

if you wanna post anything on this blog, just send an email to soulsg@hotmail.com (yes, i can’t believe i managed to get the email address too) with the issues you want to post, in the exact format you want it to be seen in this blog (i’ll post it ad verbatim).

also, if you’re interested in helping me make the blog look nicer, or add more features, please let me know as well.

so let’s begin!

PS. of course if you post something negative about taki, you will be flamed.

PPS. just kidding.


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